Direct Buy Gets a Heart and Learns to Care About Consumers

For a long time I’ve written stories about Direct Buy and the unreasonable behavior the old version of the DirectBuy company had. You can see past stories here. But following a recent story I heard from Dylan Astle, VP of Member Experience at Direct Buy. From conversations with Dylan I’m happy to give Direct Buy … Read more

My Father Died and We Want to Cancel the DirectBuy Contract

Question: Dear Steve, My mother and father signed a contract with DirectBuy. Now, my father has since passed away and my mother can no longer afford the payments. Also the store at which they signed the contract has since closed, so there’s no place for my mother to go to buy anything anyway. Is there … Read more

Can Direct Buy Hold Us to The Contract? We Want Out.

“Dear Steve, We recently entered into a contract with Direct Buy. We singed a contract that showed the balance paid in full. Before leaving the building we were notified that the full amount did not charge through to our card. We told the representative to process the remaining balance the next day, assuming that it … Read more

DirectBuy of Shreveport Bossier – Consumer Complaint – 4-21-2012

Date This Problem Happened: September 26, 2009 State You Live in: Louisiana Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American Age Range: 21-35 Total Amount of Fee Paid: Company Name: DirectBuy of Shreveport Bossier Company Address: Company Telephone Number: 2940 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop Shreveport, Louisiana 71118 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: My wife and myself are … Read more

Can I Legally Terminate My DirectBuy Membership and Beta Finance? – Peggy

“Dear Steve, After my husband died suddenly in 3/2011, I took half of his small life insurance monies to invest in our house which needed at tremendous amount of work. I joined the expensive Direct Buy Clu in Fishkill, NY with part of the membership fee financed by their finance company, Beta Finance. I went … Read more

How can I cancel a Direct Buy membership? – Anita

Sometime in September of 2010 I saw an ad on TV about Direct Buy, and coincidentally I received an invitation to visit the “Wholesale” company at around the same time. The invite said they would show me how to save on a variety of purchases for home items, construction, etc. I thought I would take … Read more

Direct Buy – Consumer Complaint – 12-7-2011

Date This Problem Happened: June 10, 2011 State You Live in: Texas Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino Age Range: 36-50 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $180 Company Name: Direct Buy Company Address: 803 Sunland Park Drive El Paso, Texas 79912 Company Telephone Number: 915-231-5200 Website of Company: Consumer Statement: I became a member of Direct … Read more

DirectBuy Sent Me to Collections With Beta Finance for a Membership I Can’t Afford Since I Lost My Job. – Rosie

Rosie “Dear Steve, I acquired an account with Direct Buy. I was making enough money and thought that i could someday use this, a short week later I lost one of my jobs and my income was cut in half. I never used the direct buy account it’s like a wholesale place to buy merchandise … Read more