Alleged Robocalls From Student Debt Doctor

Update January 6, 2017 – I would like to publicly applaud Gary White, president of StudentDebtDoctor.org for dealing with the issues raised below. He promptly got back to me, was professional, and we’ve had a great exchange. He’s also removed the incorrect information about bankruptcy discharge from his site.

Someone mentioned that a company, Student Debt Doctor, was making outbound robocalls. I’ve reached out to the company but have not heard anything back by the time of publication. So I have no idea if that is true. But if anyone has received such a call, please post a comment below.

However I did drop in on studentdebtdoctor.org and some alarm bells started going off. Now it is true the company seems to have a lot of positive reviews and no current rating from the BBB.

But what caught my eye right off the bat was the first big marketing statement they make. They say, “Bankruptcy Will Not Help The only debt that cannot be filed under a bankruptcy is a Federal Student Loan. We have solutions to work around this difficult problem.”

But that statement is simply not true. Both federal and private student loans are being discharged in bankruptcy for a number of reasons. There is absolutely nothing that prevents a student loan from being included in a consumer bankruptcy but additional arguments will need to be made. In fact the discharge of student loans appears to be accelerating as more districts deal with this issue.

Gary White, the president, has been responsive to issues in the past. See “Student Debt Doctor Decides Use of Department of Education Logo is OK.” So I’ll email him and bring these issues to his attention.

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