Great Checklist On What to Do if Your School Closed and You Have Federal Loans

The Federal Student Aid office in the Department of Education has updated their advice and information on what to do if your school closed. The information contains links and state specific contact information and in general is very helpful.

Frankly I’m shocked the DeVos Department of Education would be this open on how to discharge student loans. Maybe the Federal Student Aid office just hasn’t reached the dust bin just yet.

But a hat tip is due to the good folks at the Federal Student Aid office and if you went to any of these schools, you should click over here. And just because I’m not entirely confident that page will still exist in the future, here’s an archive copy.

Schools included in the information: Bramson ORT College, Career Point College, Corinthian Colleges, Culinary Academy of Long Island, Dade Medical College, Dowling College, DuBois Business College, Everest College, Everest Institute, Everest University, Globe University, Heald College, Heritage College, Heritage Institute, International Career Development College, ITT Technical Institutes, Marinello Schools of Beauty, Mattia College, MBTI, Medtech College, Medtech Institute, Missouri College, Park West Barber School, Radians College, Regency Beauty Institute, Sage College, Star Career Academy, University of Southernmost Florida, Vantage College, Westech College, Wright Career College, WyoTech


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2 thoughts on “Great Checklist On What to Do if Your School Closed and You Have Federal Loans”

  1. I never received my transcripts nor my certificate from Career Point College. That was back in 2010. Before they closed their doors, I asked them to send me my certificate and transcripts. I was told they could send my transcripts but not my certificate. CPC told me, my loan lenders would be the ones who would send me my certificate. After 3 attempts to CPC for my transcripts, a girl by the name of Maria told me she would send my transcripts, but she never did. When I asked my lenders if they could send my certificate, they told me, they have no idea why CPC told me that.
    Is there anyway….now that they closed doors, of me getting my transcripts or certificate from anyone, who may have those records if it’s under investigation, I’m hoping they have those records. I am still paying since 2010 on this outrageous loan, and finally just this year 2020, I believe I have come out of the paying off the interest, and paying now on the principal, but worse now… cause of covid and a life change, I had to call them, and let them, my SSI is not enough continue paying on this loan, in which I received nothing for my hard work. I never got any funds from them either. I thought some of those loans were to help me for my needs while attending CPC? It’s a mess. Thanks Eva


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