How Do I Get My Student Loans From IADT Forgiven?

Question: Dear Steve, Hi Steve! I finished school at the International Academy of Design and Technology in 2007. I recently learned the school closed, possibly due to fraud. Can I apply for the closed school loan discharge? I don’t fall under the 3 main ways to get the loans discharged but since the school was … Read more

An Utterly Crazy Navient Student Loan Situation I’m Glad I Don’t Have

You have no idea how many cases or documents I read on a daily basis. The vast majority of information never reaches the site because it is not news or information worthy. But this lawsuit filed Solimar and Linnette has to be one of the stranger situations I’ve seen when it comes to student loans. … Read more

Yes, It’s True, the Department of Education Can’t Stop Garnishing People That Don’t Owe Money

The next installment of the 2017 lawsuit against the Department of Education played out recently. The issue surrounds students who went to a Corinthian College that was supposed to forgive all the federal student loan debt of students who were the victims of education fraud. Yesterday U.S. Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim who is hearing the … Read more

My School Closed Because the President Was Stealing From It

Question: Dear Steve, I went to Hallmark Institute of Photography, took out almost 80K in student loans from both Granite State and Sallie Mae. Maybe 6 months after I finished the program (10 month accelerated photography program supposed to equal a bachelors degree) the school closed due to the president being caught embezzling 2.6 million … Read more

DeVos Seems to Do Right Thing After Being Shoved and Cancels $150M in Student Loan Debt

The Trump Department of Education has been the enemy of student loan debtors and often, common sense. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos recently gave the nod to finally forgiven $150 million in student loan debts, but only after being pushed by the court to do so. She was unwilling to do the right thing on … Read more

Department of Education Seems to Think Student Loan Forgiveness is Optional

Can you believe this?

The Department of Education Borrower Defense to Repayment has officially gone from being a blessing to a joke and now to essentially lights out. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has made it clear that she feels forgiving federal student loans for students who are victims of school fraud is wasteful. She’s said, “all one had to … Read more

Great Checklist On What to Do if Your School Closed and You Have Federal Loans

The Federal Student Aid office in the Department of Education has updated their advice and information on what to do if your school closed. The information contains links and state specific contact information and in general is very helpful. Frankly I’m shocked the DeVos Department of Education would be this open on how to discharge … Read more

My College Closed After I Got My Degree and I Want to Get Rid of My Student Loan Debt – Aaron

Question: Dear Steve, I attended Collins College in Phoenix Arizona in the early 2010s. I took out a number of federal and private student loans to pay for the schooling, in the amount of ~$80k total. I did complete the courses and received a degree; however, Collins College never received its accreditation and closed within … Read more

Do I Still Have to Repay Student Loans if the School Closed and Wasn’t Accredited? – Sasha

Question: Dear Steve, My boyfriend graduated from Brooks Institute in 2009. While attending he signed up for student loans, private and federal. They presented themselves as an accredited school. It turns out they are not accredited under Regional Law which, basically they are a vocational school. And the school has since closed down. He has … Read more

Regency Beauty Institute Closes Doors Abruptly – What Now Students

Regency Beauty Institutes operated 79 schools in 19 states but on September 28, 2016 they announced after 50 years in operation it was closing immediately. Regency was a school approved for federal student loans so right now a number of students are left in limbo. And the school gave current student just two days to … Read more

Medtech College and Radians College Student Loans May Be Forgiven

Medtech College in the Washington, DC area has been denied recertification for eligibility to make or accept federal student loans. According to the Department of Education (ED), “ED took this step after finding that Medtech significantly overstated job placement rates reported to its institutional accreditor, to the public, and to ED. In addition, Medtech made … Read more

I Owe $40,000 on Student Loans. My School Closed And I Just Found Out They Were Not Accredited. – Tenisha

Tenisha “Dear Steve, I graduated from a school which stated they were accredited and I find out 3 years later that it wasn’t accredited and has been closed down. For loans, I know that I our roughly $40,000. Another school has taking over, but they claim that my credits can be transfered. I need to … Read more