Department of Education Goes Insane When it Comes to Dealing With Defrauded Student Loan Borrowers

I admit there is nothing in this world that represents true justice or fairness. No matter what side you are on, not everyone is going to be happy with any resolution. But this Borrower Defense to Repayment program has been a total mess. Students who were defrauded by their schools were entitled to have only … Read more

The CFPB Just Got Some of Your Crap Student Loans Eliminated

It blows my mind the number of people that work hard every day to try and eliminate the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB does a lot of good work to otherwise help protect consumers who would not get relief. Without the CFPB there would not be anywhere as near as many settlements that have … Read more

Great Checklist On What to Do if Your School Closed and You Have Federal Loans

The Federal Student Aid office in the Department of Education has updated their advice and information on what to do if your school closed. The information contains links and state specific contact information and in general is very helpful. Frankly I’m shocked the DeVos Department of Education would be this open on how to discharge … Read more

Did You Submit a Borrower Defense Claim for Student Loans at Corinthian Colleges?

Students who previously submitted Borrower Defense to Repayment claims to have their Corinthian Colleges (Everest, Heald, and WyoTech) student loans forgiven may have received an important email that went into spam. If you did previously submit a claim, look for an email from a noreply@studentloans.gov email address with the term “Borrower Defense Claim” in the … Read more

Dept of Education Tries to Collect Every Penny of Forgiven Debt Under Borrower Defense

Man there are great journalists out there and Shahien Nasiripour has been crushing it in the student loan segment. Shahien is reporting that the Department of Education has been trying to collect on student loans it promised to forgive under the Borrower Defense to Repayment strategy. Under this approach, students with federal student loan debt … Read more

I Don’t Want to Repay Loans to a Christian School that Bullied Me Out

Question: Dear Steve, I decided to enroll into the Massage Therapy Program at Everest University which I quickly discovered was not only a scam but very unprofessional. I attended 6 out of the 9 months it took to graduate because my teacher began to harass me when he discovered I was a lesbian, he harassed … Read more

Who Should I Contact to Get My Everest Student Loans Forgiven?

Question: Dear Steve, My girlfriend who works for the VA went to Everest to get her LPN license, she did, has never received any loan forgiveness, we have contacted several agencies and have gotten the run around, we have even contacted the Consumers Financial Protection Bureau, have not heard anything. Who does Dawn need to … Read more

Corinthian College Students to Get Student Loan Debt Forgiven

Interest rate negotiation can result in a lower interest rate than you are paying now.

The U.S. Department of Education announced today that students who were defrauded at 91 former Corinthian Colleges Inc. (Corinthian) campuses nationwide have a clear path to loan forgiveness under evidence uncovered by the Department while working with multiple state attorneys general. These campuses represent the largest group of borrowers eligible for loan relief so far … Read more

How to Ditch Your Corinthian College Student Loan Debt

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Education announced new steps to protect students from abusive for-profit colleges, as well as a new debt relief process for students at Corinthian Colleges – which operated schools under the names Everest, Heald, and Wyotech. Information for borrowers is available at the Federal Student Aid (FSA) website, at our new … Read more

Corinthian College Students Refuse to Pay Their Debt

On Monday, former students of Corinthian Colleges Inc. declared a debt strike by refusing to pay their federal loans. These former students — who call themselves the Corinthian 15 — are the first to take such a bold stand against the current student debt crisis. At the same time, the Rolling Jubilee has just erased … Read more

How Do I Get My Everest College Student Loan Credit I’m Owed

“Dear Steve, I was one of the Everest Students of Anaheim where they illegally forced us into multiple loans including their private Loan company Genesis. They lied to me on multiple occasions, and forced me to take out more money on my loan AFTER they told me I was graduating that month, only to find … Read more

Important Information for Students of For-Profit Colleges

Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) brought suit against Corinthian Colleges, Inc. for its illegal predatory lending scheme. The schools under this company include; Everest College, Everest Institute, Everest University, Everest University Online, Everest College Phoenix, Everest College Online, WyoTech, and Heald College. As part of that action the CFPB is providing the following … Read more

Everest, Heald, WyoTech Schools Parent Sued for Predatory Lending Scheme

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sued for-profit college chain Corinthian Colleges, Inc. for its illegal predatory lending scheme. The schools under this company include; Everest College, Everest Institute, Everest University, Everest University Online, Everest College Phoenix, Everest College Online, WyoTech, and Heald College. The Bureau alleges that Corinthian lured tens of thousands of … Read more

California Sues a Number of Colleges for Doing Bad Stuff

The California Attorney General has filed suit against some recognizable college names claiming they engaged in “false and predatory advertising, intentional misrepresentations to students, securities fraud and unlawful use of military seals in advertisements.” – Source The complaint names Corinthian Colleges, Heald College, Corinthian Schools, Sequoia Education, Career Choices, MJB Acquisition Corporation, Titan Schools, Rhodes … Read more