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Someone Asked Me About Americor Funding Personal Loan Offer

Written by Steve Rhode

Someone just asked me about Americor Funding loan offer and the strangest thing happened. Now just yesterday I wrote about another company named GreenLink Financial that appeared to be a lending company that had a relationship with a debt settlement solution.

When I did a search to see if Americor Funding, INc. was registered to do business in California, they are located in Irvine, take a look at line 16 on the registration form. – Source

It says “Describe the Type of Business of the Corporation.” And the answer is Debt Management.

According to CorporationWiki, Americor Funding is related to Americor Financial, an apparent settlement company. They appear have the same guy as president, a Banir Ganatra.

On their website, Americor Funding says they are located at 2211 Michelson Dr, Suite 370, Irvine, CA 92612. That is the same address used by Americor Financial. – Source

According to the BBB website, at least one person posted a complaint that appears to indicate this might be a loan offer push to a debt relief solution. Martizgla said, “They sent a pre-approved personal loan at 3.99% to pay off high interest credit cards, but what they offer when you call and waste your precious time is a debt consolidation program, I wish I could give them a negative number in their rating. Their intention was never to give a loan, Is a total fishing scam. DONT BE FOOLED!” – Source

Another person, JW, said, “Received an letter in the mail stating I was pre-approved for a consolidation loan at 3.99% which sounded enticing to me. After the run-around for 3 business day, and a scheduled consultation with a supposed underwriter, they tried to sell me the idea a debt restructuring program. This was a total fishing scam in my opinion and a complete waste of time.”

The company responded and said, “Underwriting reviews a list of items for qualification. A persons credit score doesn’t give you a complete picture of a someone’s ability to obtain a loan. So we also do an extensive review of their financial situation through a budget analysis. We worked very hard in those three days on Mr. ******** file to get him approved. Unfortunately, he did not meet our underwriting guidelines at this time. We simply informed him of an option to help get Mr. ****** back on track. We only provide options to clients that will help them gain control of their finances and help better their financial situation.”

READ  Americor Financial - Consumer Complaint - November 19, 2018

So it does seem Americor Funding has or will mention “options” other than the loan.

According to the Americor Funding website they are a licensed California lender. Their license was effective 4-22-2016 and originally licensed 3-3-2015. – Source

If anyone has any insight on the company or information they would like to share, please post it in the comments below. I could dig deeper but this was just a quick look.

About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • This getoutofdebtguy is the perfect definition of extreme Democrat .
    Always trying to find any flaw in any business to simply discredit them and destroy them . What’s funny his negative publicity is actually better for business .

    Don’t listen to this clown , I’ve been in this industry since 2010 . Yes there are bad apples , and there are also those who do what they say .

    Many times consumers are stubborn they think they are lendable with a 600 fico , then they go off writing reviews because they we’re not able to obtain a loan . Works both ways , most companies in this industry have to follow guidelines to even be in Business , and also have to show they are issuing loans .

    Bottom line , don’t listen to this clown .

    • I’m just one voice and I welcome alternative opinions on any article. But while you just unloaded insults, you didn’t say what was incorrect in the post. What did I get wrong? I’ll gladly correct it.

    • Thank you! I love Americor and they have helped me cut my debt in half from $30k to $15k. I see light at the end of the tunnel and will have all my debt paid off in 2 years. It would have taken me 18 yrs had I kept paying on them slowly and accruing interest up the yinyang.

  • I was referred to these cons by Lending Tree, which I find very disturbing. It’s a bait and switch con. They promise outrageous loans. 0% interest 12 months, with poor credit? If it sounds too good to be true , it is! False advertising. How can they advertise or offer a loan say through lending tree, but only be licensed in the State of CA for Debt Consolidation?????

  • I just got off the phone with them and it sounds to me that they are going to offer me a loan. I was concerned because they said it was 0% interest for 12 months, the reason it was that low is because they are sending the money directly to the creditors. now after reading the reviews it sounds like they’re going to offer me some kind of consolidation relief where they try to negotiate new balances with the companies with the credit cards they haven’t told me that part yet I’ll probably find that out tomorrow

    • I used to work there and quit as soon as I learned what they are doing. At no point at all do they plan on issuing a loan. There are no underwriters. When they tell you they will go review with underwriting they just go grab coffee and talk to another person calling in and do the same thing. There is no review of any income documents which is a main piece of information when applying for a loan.

      The first twelve months are not 0% loan. The first twelve months you are moving your money into an escrow account. This is similar to you moving money from your checking to your savings. Of course you won’t pay interest when you are moving money from your own accounts. The scheme is deceitful from the get go.

      Last thought, no one is issuing personal loans at 3.99% especially after you stop paying your credit cards. I have listened to many of their recorded calls. They are straight up lying to everyone. They do not have a legal team in case you get sued. They say they will issue a line of credit…no they won’t. A line of credit is an account that you can carry a $0 balance on and draw any amount up to the limit at anytime. Again, 100% deceitful all the way through

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