Why Chasing Down Stories About Debt One Consultants, Pamamerican Consulting, Verified Validation and Others is Tough

Writing about the debt relief industry is interesting at times. Some people inside the debt relief space think I have a vendetta against them. Reality though could not be further from that perception.

Consumers contact me and they ask questions. Part of what they think they are being sold is from what they hear from debt relief companies comes, what they read, what they heard from the sales rep, or what they perceive.

It’s that last point that is the biggest stumbling block. Any debt relief salesperson can tell a consumer X and it is entirely possible the consumer will hear Y. Many of my article begin just trying to figure out how X got to Y and a little hunting and poking raises more questions and issues. That’s what happened in this post. A simple look around to help the reader resulted in a huge rabbit hole.

The email from the sales rep at Debt One Consultants said, “This will give you additional information as to how we are able to resolve your debt. Please know that Panamerican Consulting has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and the program is 100% performance based with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.”

The son has a large amount of student loan debt and it looks like Debt One Consultants is talking to the kid and Debt One Consultants says they offer private student loan help according to their website. – Source

You see, this is how the perplexing questions start. If Debt One Consultants actually does what it says, “We will negotiate with your creditors to resolve your debt and help you live debt free” then why is Panamerican Consulting in the mix at all? These are the things that get me wondering. – Source

So now I want to know more about Debt One Consultants. I emailed them at their published address, info@debtoneconsultants, and the email came back undeliverable. – Source

The Debt One Consultants website does not say where the company is located.

The only clue I could find was from help wanted ads that said a Debt One Consultants had positions open in the Los Angeles area.

The State of California has no registered corporation or LLC under the name Debt One Consultants.

Debt One Consultants is a registered member of the AFSLR and says their phone number is 800-239-8177. This ad for Debt One Consultants uses the same phone number. – Source

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But then why there are two nearly identical sites for a Debt One Consultants and a Debt One Freedom?

See, it gets odder. There could be perfectly innocent questions about Debt One Consultants but I’d first ask them about where they are physically located and registered to do business.

Panamerican Consulting

The company the Debt One Consultants sales person mentioned was Panamerican consulting. Again, you’d hope any look at the company would not create more questions than answers.

One of the first things I look at is the About page on sites. Panamerican Consulting describes themselves by saying:

Panamerican Consulting is an independent financial services company. We speciaize in verification of unsercured debts by applying the rules and regulations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Panamerican Consulting provides the knowledge, expertise and services that can help individuals develop a path to freedom through our validation program. We understand you are dealing with stressful circumstances, therefore we want to make choosing our company one less thing to worry about. –

Thankfully Panamerican Consultants lists their addresses on their contact page. One of the addresses is 3843 S. Bristol St. #308, Santa Ana, CA 92704. – Source

Ironically that is also the address for Verified Validation as well. And then Verified Validation goes and uses a very similar company description.

Verified Validation Inc. is an independent financial services company. We specialize in verification of unsecured debts by applying the rules and regulations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Verified Validation Inc. provides the knowledge, expertise and services that can help individuals develop a path to freedom through our validation program. We understand you are dealing with stressful circumstances, therefore we want to make choosing our company one less thing to worry about. –

So again, why are their two companies that appear to be related offering similar services? Makes little apparent sense to me at this point.

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I emailed the contact for Verified Validation, Ali Hajimomen, at his Verified Validation email address. I received an email back from him from a panamconsulting.com email address and he listed his position as Managing Director of Panamerican Consulting, LLC.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email back from Ali and sent him my inquiry:

I’m trying to answer a reader question. I admit that sometimes consumers hear what they want to hear but I’m trying to piece together how the reader could have possible gotten to this opinion.

Reader says, “Steve my son was told that is the firm that disputes the debt. He was told Navient is a predatory lender.

Please let me know if I can get you any other info.

Thank you so much for your help. BTW Debt One is the company that handles everything after Panamerican makes a settlement and changes the terms of the loan. Debt One told my so[n] they will cut his loans in half and he will be able to pay them off in 6 years! We already know my son will be forgiven for his federal loans because he is a police officer – that’s a good thing.​”​

The reader is under the impression that somehow Debt One Consultants and Panamerican Consulting are both working on her son’s account. I’m assuming what your company sold is a debt settlement strategy for private student loans. He must also have some federal loans as well. I’m not entirely clear on which company was the sales front end and who the servicer is.

Also, It looks like PanAm and Verified Validation are both your companies and both offer similar services in the same office space. Can you give me a quote to help readers understand the relationship or why?

If you can get back to me ASAP I want to make sure your voice is heard in this piece.

Ali said he is out of the office and will have an update for me tomorrow. When I receive his update I’ll insert it here.

Response From Ali Hajimomen on July 14, 2017

Hi Steve,

Thank you for reaching out and giving Panamerican Consulting an opportunity to be a part of this story.

I would like to begin by addressing Debt One Consultants (hereafter referred to as Debt One). To the best of my knowledge, Debt One offers services in the student loan market, with a focus on relief for consumers burdened by both federal and private student loans.

As you correctly assumed, Panamerican Consulting’s relationship with Debt One is that of a front-end sales (internally referred to as an Affiliate) and back-end servicer (Panamerican Consulting). I am not very knowledgeable about the services Debt One offers its consumers as it relates to federal student loans. Our affiliate relationship is limited to the recruitment and enrollment of consumers facing hardship with private student loans. I would think it likely, that in some cases, a consumer could be receiving services from Debt One for his/her federal student loans and simultaneously be referred/enrolled in Panamerican Consulting’s program to receive help with private student loans.

The above mentioned facts could be the factor that would lead a consumer to rightly assume that both Debt One and Panamerican Consulting are working on his/her student loans (not specific to federal or private). When a consumer is referred to us, our staff at Panamerican Consulting take great measure to ensure that the clients have a clear understanding of which type of student loans our firm works with.

As far as your question regarding the relationship between Panamerican Consulting and Verified Validation, yes I am involved with both firms. Currently, Verified Validation is inactive with regard to recruiting and enrolling any clients. I believe the real question is, if both companies offer similar services, then why have two firms? The answer is very simple and quite practical. The structure with which Panamerican Consulting was established is solely as a servicer and thus our clients are recruited only through our relationship with our affiliates. It has been my goal to have a direct outreach to consumers and have a firm which is a full service company, where both the recruitment and servicing of the clients are practiced under one entity. This is the only reason Verified Validation exists, though as mentioned previously, this firm has zero clients and is not currently advertising or marketing any services to any consumer base.

Should you have any further questions, I would be more than happy to address them.

Again, I like to thank you for giving Panamerican Consulting and myself an opportunity to be a part of this story. As a side note, I have read a few of your articles here and there and think highly of your vigilance to keep firms accountable to the benefit of the consumers who are facing real financial hardship.


Ali Hajimomen | Managing Director
Panamerican Consulting, LLC

The State of California says Panamerican Consulting is registered to do business and is a Nevada Corporation. The registered agent in California is listed as Aidin Rahimi at the address in Santa Ana. – Source

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Aidin Rahimi is also listed as the Managing Member of the Nevada, LLC. – Source

By the way. the BBB in Las Vegas gives the company an A+ rating and lists “Principal: Mr. Aidin Rahimi, Managing Member. Customer Service: Mr. Ali Hajimomen, Manager” – Source

The State of California has no business registration for a Verified Validation. Nevada does have a registration for Verified Validation and lists the members of the company as:
Treasurer – Ali Hajimomen
Director – Ali Hajimomen
Secretary – JP Sanchez
President – Jason Smith – Source

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Panamerican Consulting lists some other address associated with the company. They say their customer service department is located at:

4345 Sawkaw Drive. NE, Suite A
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Telephone: 800-204-4036
FAX: 888-977-3653

But the State of Michigan says they have no company registered to do business under the name Panamerican Consulting.

And We Haven’t Even Gotten to the Student Loan Issue Yet

The mother of the student loan debtor relayed her son was told Navient was a predatory lender so the loan could be settled. In fact the claim was nearly $140k of Navient student loans would be eligible to be settled for about $70,000 with payments near $900 for 72 months.

It is certainly not impossible to settle Navient private student loans or even discharge some private student loans in bankruptcy. But the school the son attended was federally recognized and while I certainly have been critical of schools and private student loan programs I have yet to see any outcomes that have led to such a settlement because Navient was a predatory lender.

As it stands now I’ll ask the mother of the kid with the student loans to send me the client agreement to review so I can get a better idea who is actually involved in this situation and what the contracting entity is exactly promising to deliver.

It’s all still murky as hell.

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