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  • I get ssi. When they was ripping me off. I was homless pregnant and had almost lost my daughter and myself on june 15 2017 next day june 16th 2017. I found out that i was scammed. Are you kidding me I paid faithfully and all i wanted was my credit fixed. No one will rent cause of credit. Thanks a hole lot jerks.

  • I have been scamed by these people too. I was going thru some bad times when I got a call from this company. I don”t know what I should do now! I am not rich I draw my SS and that is all. I am trying to make it..

  • Why aren’t these people in jail? I’m one of the ripped off people. I have kept every email from yisbet, if any more info is required. I was sued twice while dealing with these scums, not to mention, also receiving a Contempt of Court supeonia for not appearing for a court date that I didn’t even know I had. The loans that were supposed to be paid collected interest and the amount that was charged was at least double the amount originally owed. Sell all of the arrests and return the money to the people that they scammed.

  • Why don’t you people get a life. There are two sides to every story and this whole case is one sided. Too bad we don’t get to hear from the defendants point of view. Everyone’s already twisting everything around I don’t blame the guy for pleading the 5th.

    • Did u get ripped off by this Company? I noticed that u didn’t use a name on ur comment. In this case there is no other side of the story. They ripped off ppl that were coming to them for help. They knew that they were committing fraud. It looks like the “Truth” commentator was one of the defendants.

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