Another Attorney Jumps From Freedom Debt Relief, National Litigation Law Group

Backstory – the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sued Freedom Debt Relief, click here. Recently I wrote about an interesting twist when the law firm Freedom Debt Relief had been sending clients to had two attorneys file suit against the companies.

Well thanks to an eagle eyed reader it appears another attorney is running for cover as well. According to the complaint filed in Oklahoma against National Litigation Law Group (NLLG) and Freedom Debt Relief, Plaintiff Heather Weaver was the Team Managing Attorney for NLLG.

The complaint says Weaver was discharged on August 30, 2017 and states, “NLLG, without Plaintiff’s consent, provided Freedom with names and bar numbers of attorneys including, but not limited to, the Plaintiff, specifically for the purpose of allowing the two entities to utilize the identities of the Plaintiff and other NLLG attorneys for the unauthorized practice of law and to further the economic interests of both Defendants.”

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The complaints states:

National Law Litigation Group and Freedom Debt Relief lawsuit by attorney

Issues surrounding the core issue allegedly radiate from a NLLG division named Bridge Connect or Advanced Negotiations. The Complaint says Bridge Connect “is a department comprised of non-lawyers acting under the direction of a Freedom director and an NLLG manager, both of whom are non-lawyers. The Bridge department utilized Plaintiff’s name and Bar number without her knowledge and consent and specifically attempted to conceal their actions from the Plaintiff. Freedom, acting for Bridge sent letter, on behalf of the Plaintiff without her knowledge and consent in a manner and for purposes which included the unauthorized practice of law.”

The complaint goes on to say, “Plaintiff learned that Freedom had a department called the LARU Team whose sole responsibility is to work files of debts in litigation using the identities and Bar numbers of attorneys at NLLG (including the Plaintiff) without their knowledge or consent.”

In addition, “Defendant NLLG on multiple occasions made the false and deceitful statements to Plaintiff that it (NLLG) has met with the Attorney General of North Carolina and the State Bar of North Carolina and that both entities approved of Defendant Freedom and NLLG’s conduct with respect to the use of Plaintiff’s name and Bar number in doing business in North Carolina. Defendant NLLG was aware its representations to the Plaintiff were untrue, fraudulent and deceitful.”

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You can read the full complaint here. There is also a second suit by Weaver, here.

Man, this going places I never could have envisioned.

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