Freedom Debt Relief Facing More Court Actions Since Being Sued by CFPB

It cannot be fun times at Freedom Debt Relief right now given the number of actions that have placed them in the crosshairs. It looks like the bad times are continuing. While I was checking on any updates regarding the suit by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against Freedom Debt Relief (more here and here) …

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Another Attorney Jumps From Freedom Debt Relief, National Litigation Law Group

Backstory – the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sued Freedom Debt Relief, click here. Recently I wrote about an interesting twist when the law firm Freedom Debt Relief had been sending clients to had two attorneys file suit against the companies. Well thanks to an eagle eyed reader it appears another attorney is running for …

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Freedom Debt Relief Strategy to Use National Litigation Law Group Takes a Turn

Thanks to an awesome reader it was pointed out that there have been some interesting developments discovered as a result of the court action by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against Freedom Debt Relief. The reader directed me to a public court document from July of 2017 where Andrew Houser, an afable smart guy in …

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