FinCon 2018 Helps to Reinforce Good Advice is Personal

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the personal finance write conference, FinCon. The meeting was held in a very hot and muggy Orlando. Nearly 2,000 writers showed up for a whole bunch of sessions and presentations.

I left the conference with a few observations and realizations. The first is there are a lot of people writing about money, credit, and debt. For the life of me, I can’t imagine what they are all blogging about. All I can do is wish them all luck and hope they are following their passion.

Second, as I flew over Epcot at Disney I was surprised at how empty the parking lot was.

But most importantly I had a chance to reconnect in person with some of the smartest people I know when it comes to debt topics.

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To the far left in the picture above is Gerri Detweiler. I’ve known Gerri since around 1995 and she is a brilliant and talented consumer debt writer and expert.

On the far right side of the picture, we have Damon Day and Michael Bovee to his left. Bovee is in the plaid shirt.

These three debt professionals are among the most talented debt advisors in the United States. Not only do I consider them to be friends, but also some of the most brilliant brains in the holistic debt relief industry. They would be the first people I would consider to be among the brightest talents in the debt advising space.

These are the type of people every consumer needs on their side when they are facing difficult times. People who care about the big picture, consider the situation to be as unique as the individual, and who can develop a multistage solution to meet the overall needs of the person in trouble. They know there are no one-size-fits-all solutions out there.

I’m lucky that I know people like these folks. If I ever fell into tough financial times it is certain these people can provide the best advice I need to hear and I would not have to reach out to just yet another commissioned sales person on the end of a telephone.

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I always wish I had the elusive magic wand to help people in trouble to connect with the most talented people I know to get the best advice possible. Sadly, I don’t have that wand and people don’t always take smart steps to deal with their debt. Instead, they leap at the first miracle solution typically presented by a commissioned salesperson.

Great people with mad skills do exist and here are three of them.

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