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I Was Scammed Renting an Apartment

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

How do I find out about the legality of a business and any criminal activity?

I was scammed when renting my apartment by a very elaborate con

I am trying to find out as much information as I can and any other victims and complaints


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Dear No Name,

From the lack of information you provided it sounds like you may have been snagged in the awesome below market rental scam that has been floating around for years. I’ve seen most of these from Craigslist listings.

The crook advertises some fantastic unit and collects the deposit but does not really own the unit. Typically the pitch is they are some sort of professional and out of town but if you send them the deposit, they will send you the keys.

The unit is listed for a below market rate or no credit check. The alleged owner makes it super easy to be approved.

You should file a complaint with your State Attorney General office. A quick online search for how to file a complaint in your state with the Attorney General should find the contact information.

However, you should be absolutely prepared to never get one penny back. It’s rare anyone does in this scam. The criminal hits and runs.

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