Is American Direct Financial Legtimate and Should I Use Them for Debt Settlement?


Dear Steve,

Looking for debt settlement options.

What is your opinion American Direct Financial our of Southern California? Are they legitimate and would you recommend them for debt settlement?

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Dear Roger,

I’m assuming the American Direct Financial you are speaking of this located at AmericanDirectFinancial.com.

They do say they are located in Orange County, California but I could not find a physical address on their site.

The BBB says they are located at 1560 Brookhollow Drive, #220, Santa Ana, CA.

That is also the same address used by a student loan assistance company, Unified Document Services.

No Company Registration for American Direct Financial

At the time of this post the State of California shows no company under the name American Direct Financial is registered to do business as a corporation or Limited Liability Company.

If American Direct Financial is operating as a fictitious name of another corporation, I would hope any client agreement you might be asked to sign would let you know who the real company you are contracting with is.

According to their About Us page, they say “American Direct Financial works with many lenders nationwide finding the right loan for your situation. With our friendly staff we have helped thousands of people resolve their financial struggles and get back on the path towards financial freedom.”

If that’s the case then why is there company registration under that name? Seems odd to me for a company that has “helped thousands of people.”

Is This Bait and Switch?

I’ve noticed a number of sites are sending out mailers or attracting consumers with offers for personal loans, only to flip them into debt settlement programs.

The American Direct Financial website seems to primarily focus on making personal loans and there is no word about their experience or legal compliance to offer debt settlement services.

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So I think it is very interesting when you write to me about a company that claims only to make loans and you have been pitched a debt settlement service.

Especially since the State of California has no license for a finance lender or broker under the name of American Direct Financial.

So Here is Where I Stand

I have no idea what legitimate or scam means to each person. But I do encourage you to ask more questions to know exactly who you are dealing with.

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following free guides.

  1. The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Checking Out a Debt Relief Company Before You Sign On the Line
  2. 10 Must Do Steps to Find the Best Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Company for You
  3. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off

I also can’t even begin to tell if a debt settlement strategy is even the best for you to pursue in your situation. There are different solutions and even hybrid solutions for every unique situation.

One place to look to compare solutions is to use my online calculator.

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