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Do I Really Have to Pay My Girlfriends Car Loan After She Dumped Me?

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

Repossession financed a car for an ex-girlfriend in my name only she left me 2 years ago she stopped paying the payment on loan car repoed in 2018 June car was always in her possession am I liable for balance after the car was auctioned off. Then she went got her car in her name

Who owes the balance on the loan.



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Dear James,

It sounds like you signed for a loan in your name only for the car in question.

If that’s right, you are 100 percent responsible for the loan, payments, and debt.

The person signing for the loan and/or a cosigner is on the hook for the payments. It does not matter who actually has the car since it sounds like you personally guaranteed that the loan payments would be made.

If you want to confirm this, refer to the finance agreement you signed when the car loan was obtained. The terms of responsibility will be found in the paperwork.

The terrible thing about repo is you don’t have the car but owe the balance between the amount due on the finance agreement minus the small amount obtained at the auction.

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