I Think I’ve Been Scammed by the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates


Dear Steve,

I think that we have been scammed with the NonProfit Alliance of consumer advocates, which said they are for the veterans.

Can I get out of the 100 pages that we signed with the NONPROFIT ALLIANCE of consumer advocates who say it is for the veterans. We had to bring in two full bags of canned foods for the veterans Can we get out of their contract?



Dear Georgette,

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Saying you’ve been scammed by the Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates is a pretty broad statement. I never know what “scam” means to one person versus another.

Clearly you are unhappy about something here. The disclaimer on the bottom of the nacalaw.org website states an attorney, Peter Nisson, is somewhat responsible for the company and that you can “address your feedback, complaints and concerns to us by email addressed to info@nacalaw.org.”

No matter what company you work with, when you have a complaint or problem, I’m always an advocate of trying to work out the issue first with the company. One process you can follow is right here.

The most important document you have is any client agreement you might have signed. That will dictate your mutual agreement with any company and how to terminate your contract if that is what you desire to do.

The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates website does mention something about brining canned good. It says, “The Nonprofit Alliance of Consumer Advocates only asks for an up-front donation of canned foods and or other non-perishable items for the local homeless to be brought in upon a full Loan Modification file being professionally assembled and reviewed by an in-house Loss Mitigation expert and ready for a fed-ex’d delivery to the troubled Homeowners lender.” – Source

Please let me know in the comments section below what happens when you try to resolve this issue with the company.

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