I Moved Back to Florida But Concerned My Wages Will be Garnished Over a Student Loan

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Dear Steve,

Hi, Steve;

This is my actual situation: I have a private student loan debt over $35,000 with Chase Bank dated since 2003. After few years making payments I lost my job and moved out of the country for other issues, then last year (06/2019) I moved back with my family (wife and 4 children) into Florida, then by November 2019 I start receiving debt collectors letters of repaying this debt, saying if not pay the debt they will start garnishing my wages to collect the debt.

What exactly should I do for this troubling issue to resolve it? I’m making barely $2000 a month to pay rent and pay more bills, also having a Government Food Assistance to help me a little with the food, in this conditions how can I afford to pay 15% monthly of that debt?

Can you please guide me, and how much will cost me also to pay for your services?

Thank you.



Dear Fran,

I don’t charge anything to give you advice and point you in the right direction.

The image of the collection statement you sent makes it appear this is actually a federal student loan.

Without a doubt, rehabilitation is the best avenue to stop a wage garnishment. You should read this article.

After you make at least five rehabilitation payments your defaulted loan will be brought current again and then you can elect to consolidate your federal student loan into a new Direct Loan and opt for an income-driven repayment plan. Your payments may be as low as $5 a month and keep you out of default.

You only ever get one chance to rehabilitate your loans so use this “get out of jail free” card wisely.

I have written many posts about rehabilitation that may be helpful.

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