I’m in a Serious Bad Way Financially With All the COVID Crap

Question: Dear Steve, I started school in maybe, 2010. Not sure of the exact date. I became homeless and was unable to continue schooling due to circumstances. I had received phone calls from the collection agencies and agreed to pay a monthly fee. Shortly after I made the agreement, I went to jail for 6 … Read more

I Moved Back to Florida But Concerned My Wages Will be Garnished Over a Student Loan

Question: Dear Steve, Hi, Steve; This is my actual situation: I have a private student loan debt over $35,000 with Chase Bank dated since 2003. After few years making payments I lost my job and moved out of the country for other issues, then last year (06/2019) I moved back with my family (wife and … Read more

Navient Gave Me Bad Advice That Made My Student Loans Grow Really Big and I Don’t Know What to Do

Question: Dear Steve, Sallie Mae/Navient student loan fraud. I was fired from my job in 2009 (b/c I was pregnant, and not illegal in the state of GA) I was paying on my student loan (income based payments) until then. I had to file bankruptcy but I was told the student loan could not be … Read more

Your Private Student Loan May be Able to be Rehabilitated – Soon

Interest rate negotiation can result in a lower interest rate than you are paying now.

Student loan rehabilitation is a process that has been limited to federal student loans. This allows the borrower a one-time opportunity to make a series of agreed-upon payments to bring a defaulted loan into good standing again. It has been a good tool to use to prevent federal student loan debtors from falling entirely off … Read more

My Student Loan Servicer Said They Could Not Help Me With Rehabilitation

Question: Dear Steve, Greetings. It is a long story…I have a Master’s degree, was in a terrible accident, had a subsequent relationship issue ensnaring me in a legal fiasco over my daughter. I prevailed. In that time I defaulted on my student loans initially because of an address issue. I called to get into a … Read more

I Was Told It Would be Better to Rehabilitate My Student Loan Than Pay It Off

Question: Dear Steve, I defaulted on student loan, wages going to be garnished, called to see about paying it off in full and they said it is better to do the rehab program for credit. To me it makes more sense to pay off the $9000. since I have the money, but according to lady … Read more

I Can’t Get My Rehabilitation Request Processed and Need to Find a Student Loan Attorney

Question: Dear Steve, Received a statement from the IRS saying THEY goofed, misapplied some payments, and now I owe money–plus interest penalties! For THEIR mistake? Ridiculous. Also, the federal loan rehab application that I have fedexed, faxed and sent via certified mail with confirmation of receipt each time is being ignored. Can you recommend a … Read more

What is The Easiest Way For Me to Not Have My Tax Refund Intercepted This Year for Student Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, Multiple federal loans and grants in default. 3 of which have already been placed in a rehab program with monthly payments of $5. Currently a homemaker with one income, fiances’, as I am home with our 3-month-old child. Looking for best option to get all of my loans out of default and … Read more

Is There Any Hope to Stop My Student Loan Wage Garnishment and Tax Refund Intercept?

Question: Dear Steve, I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on a 25-year-old student loan for $7,000 which got me in trouble. Any advice you can give me my question is if there is any help out there for me I am paying interest on interest for 25-year-old $7,000 student loan … Read more

Transworld Won’t Honor My Student Loan Rehabilitation Request

Question: Dear Steve, I have been in default with wage garnishment for about a year on my federal student loans. Based on the advice you give, I applied for Loan Rehabilitation with Transworld, the company who has the debt (and who, incidentally, is being sued by my home state, along with others). I sent a … Read more

My Student Loans Have Been a Mess For the Last 38 Years

Question: Dear Steve, I wanted to get some advice as soon as possible regarding my student loan problems. I found your article about the bankruptcy case of Michael Kevin Abney vs. US Dept. of Education. I have a student loan debt that was incurred over the course of several years way back starting 1979 to … Read more

Can You Tell Me the Truth About Stopping My Student Loan Wage Garnishment?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a moderate size of college loans that are in default. I was not and am not able to get a good paying job after school, so I was not able to make payments at all (which looking back on this was stupid that I didn’t try to make some sort … Read more

Debt Collectors Flip Middle Finger at Department of Education

Previously I wrote Trump Department of Education Operating Beyond Logic on FFEL Collection Fee Change. This was about how the current Department of Education was rolling back protections that would allow them to charge a 16% collection fee on day one of a federal student loan default. That ability was eliminated in 2015 by the … Read more

Trump Department of Education Operating Beyond Logic on FFEL Collection Fee Change

A couple of days ago I wrote about the Trump Department of Education under Secretary Betsy DeVos who told student loan guaranty agencies with FFEL federal student loans to disregard the guidance provided by the Obama administration regarding defaults. That specific 2015 guidance said student loan debtors who defaulted had up to 60 days after … Read more

Trump Administration Cancels Grace Period and Adds on Big Student Loan Collection Charges

If the recent position by the Department of Education under the Trump administration is any indication of what is to come for federal student loan debtors, watch out. On March 16, 2017 the Department of Education rolled back protections and policies impacting those who hold FFEL federal student loans. The most recent numbers say about … Read more