I’m Bipolar, Tried to Kill Myself, and Nobody Will Listen to Me About My Debt. – SC

“Dear Steve,

Hi, I am desperate for help. I have been mentally ill for a decade now and at one point three years ago my medications were not right and I fell into my bipolar disorder full force. When I was manic I would make poor financial decisions and got into so much debt.

I tried to commit suicide twice and then was finally put in the hospital and then out patient treatment. Now I am on the right medications and back at work, but can’t pay the bills that I accrued. Many of them I don’t know how I got them because I don’t remember what I do when I am manic.

I am being threatened and harassed constantly and I am being garnished. I can’t afford to file bankruptcy because I have the garnishments and live paycheck to paycheck. They also say that I will have to file the bankruptcy that makes me pay it all back and I can’t afford that either, but since I have a good job they say I do.

Please help me I wouldn’t have made these poor financial decisions if I hadn’t been so sick. Now, I don’t know what to do and no one will listen to me.

I need advice on how to handle this situation.


Dear SC,

Whew, I’m glad you contacted me. The bipolar debt is something I see a lot of. In fact you might want to listen to one of my interviews I did with Paul. Meet Paul: LendingClub.com Borrower Taking Control of Debt Influenced by His Bipolar Condition. It will all sound very familiar.

I’m not sure who has been giving you advice up to this point but it is not correct.

Bankruptcy is the best way out of this situation for you for a number of reasons. First, bankruptcy will kill the garnishments. You will not be required to pay anything back from the past. Now, depending on your income you might make too much to pass the means test for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy you will only repay what you can reasonably afford. Without the garnishments it should be a lot easier for you.

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But the most important reason you urgently need to go meet with a bankruptcy attorney is for your mental health. With your history of mental health issues, the last thing you need is the added stress and depression that is brought on with crushing financial problems. You will find once you properly address the money troubles you will feel better mentally as well. I know the medication is helping but imagine how good you’d feel without that additional stress.

I am no way suggesting that you should file bankruptcy, just because you might have a little stress. This isn’t like the kind of stress when you are late for an appointment. You have a lot of stress that will not cease and you can’t see an end to it without the intervention of bankruptcy. And we also need to eliminate the underlying issue, the debt, which exacerbates your predisposition towards suicide.

Click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney you like and go talk to them. They can help you work out a solution to pay for it. And if you already saw one and walked away with the impression you wrote to me, you need a second opinion, go.

If you follow my advice, in six months and you will feel like your life has changed for the better dramatically.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.
Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

Steve Rhode

2 thoughts on “I’m Bipolar, Tried to Kill Myself, and Nobody Will Listen to Me About My Debt. – SC”

  1. I don’t know where It all began….. I guess I can start when iwas only 4 years old,; old enough to begin understanding what was going on around me. My father had fought for me in court when I was 3. My mother and stepfather moved and took me where he couldn’t find me. We had to go through many court meetings and to see the psychologist. Too bad the psychologist couldn’t see that both sides were dysfunctional. All he could see was the jim and my mother were too harsh on me. No one except my mother really saw it coming. Which makes me blame her; in a way she was the one sending me there, letting a man I hardly knew disipline me, confusing me. My father loved me. He was sick though and loved me in a way no father should ever love his daughter. I HATED HIM! He manipulated me into accepting his opinions and making them my own. No one understands what it was like not knowing what was wrong but knowing something was wrong for almost 15 years. It still hurts remembering what went on and the fact that im still reliving it all now from a different stand point is enough to make me want to kill him. My mother thought it best to try and keep me busy, but I was depressed. I spent two years dogding there scares of school and the guilt trips my mom would play on me. I was never given time, just constantly thrown back out into the world I feared so much. Now after two years they say I’ve had enough time. They have no idea I could fix myself if they let me, but they’re holding down, holding me back. I understand what was done for me, but every time I try and explain how I am feeling they blame it on me not cleaning the house enough and that’s why they make me feel useless. I have tried many times to help myself. Apparrantly all the weeks I would clean and do stuff didn’t exist between my periods of deppression and hiding in my room. My room is my haven and my escape, which is constantly invaded now. If this is how they show they care then they can make it easier on themselves if they simply tell I am a good person and I can be a hardworking person, instead of the opposite. Give me a reason to want to do these things, except for the reason that I’m not good enough. I guess I am forced to believe them if I am so rotten and ungrateful. If everything they say is true then I want to die. It’s like natural selection; some people weren’t meant to survive. It was like whatever mechanism I used to cope is broken. It’s simple; I die, my family will feel some pain, but ultimately they will be freed from the burden that I am on their life and in return my suffering will end with there’s. My soul will be liberated of all feeling…lol kinda like the antidepressants just lacking life.

  2. was in school off n on for about 15 yrs. finally graduated with my bachelors. I’m not working, married and have 2 kids. Diagnosed with depression and anxiety @ 11 yrs ago. Our household income is modest. @ 76,000 in student loan debt. My husband owes @ 33,000 in student loan debt. He also pays child support out of our income.

    I really don’t have a question, more of a comment. i just read about the Bipolar oerson with student loan debt. I can really relate to her/him. I owe a massive amount in student loans. I graduated @ 2.5 yrs ago. I never seem to be able to attend school regularly, it was really hard for me and hard for me to focus…still is. I think about this student loan debt daily causing me greater anxiety and creating a debilateting exisyence for me. I cry often thinking about this never ending debt. In the last year I’ve contemplated killing myself over and over again to provide my family some financial relief. I don’t know what to do. I love my kids so much and don’t want to leave them. It just seems this is the only way out…
    Any advice for me??


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