American Express is Chasing Me in the UK. – Lee

“Dear Steve,

About 8 years ago I moved to London and travelling back one day in a service station i was approachhed by a rep asking me if i was interested so ahead i went 2 weeks later a card appeared.over thenext few months the limit was maxed i was paying the payments then lost my job.

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I then moved address again not notifying them and stopped payments. A couple years later they tracked me down i ignored them and that was that. since then my credit rating is back normal but 2 days ago i had a random asking for a mr me of which i said speaking then they asked me to confirm postcode which i made one up then they said they were after the 5000 which was owed. i hung up and am a bit worried about the outcast can you give any advice obviously american express has sold the debt years after and now i have these people after me. willthey get me and if so what can i do? thanks for your time and help


Dear Lee,

Well it sounds like you admit the debt is yours and you do owe it. Since you are in the UK I would urge you to make payment arrangements. Maybe even by contacting Jon at Myvesta UK and asking him for some help.

Bailiffs in the UK have the authority and power to enter your premise and take stuff. Before this situation gets that far and leads to a county court judgment, see if Jon can help you or consider petitioning for bankruptcy, Jon can help you with that as well, if there is no way you can repay this debt.

There are rules regarding statute barred debts but it sounds like the creditor has been in touch with you within six years.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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