My Credit is Bad From Worn Tires on a Leased Car. – Sheryl

“Dear Steve,

I leased a car from GMAC and at the end of the lease we turned the car in and they evaulated it and decided we had too much wear on the tires, so they billed us over $700, I called and negotiated a lower price of approx $500. and paid that right away, but what I was unaware of was during the negotiations they reported the $ 700 dollars as bad debt and as a charge off.

I re-leased another car and this time I purchased new tires before turning in the car and knowing that I had went over on my miles, I knew I would have to pay them. So I agreed to pay on payment plans for the full amount. Just recently I realized these reportings when I was rejected for credit.

Gmac reported these both as a charge-off and a number 9 on my report, I could not purchase a vehicle this year or lease one because I was told I had to reposessed cars. My score showed a 635. I also had a medical bill of $135.00 that I know was paid and reported as unpaid, I had a brain tumor removed and things got messy with all the paper work, so now after going back and fourth with this medical company, I could not find my record of payment, so I apoligized, sent in a second payment, and requested mercy on the reporting and asked they remove it with no avail. Any suggestions?

How do you remove/ repair/ correct this in my favor to boost my scorces ?


Dear Sheryl,

Just to clarify, so you were never late on the $700 payment when they first billed you for the tires on the first car? Or, did the negotiations take an extended period of time from the point you were first billed?

Do you have some proof that you paid the $135 medical bill? Maybe a check or card statement?

Ultimately dealing with these items does not require some credit repair trick but to fix the problem at the source, the creditor. If you have some proof to show the statement made is not true then you could use that evidence to support your claim and send a dispute statement to each of the credit bureaus reporting it.

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Have you made a previous attempt to dispute this debt with the credit bureaus?


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Steve Rhode

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