Tayne Law Group Threatens Unhappy Customer But is There a Better Way?

On September 29, 2022, a consumer complaint was submitted and published by a consumer representing they were a client of Thayne Law Group. See this consumer complaint.

People will be unhappy, and sometimes a company and a client will have disagreements. Therefore, at the end of the consumer complaint posts, I provide a link to How to Handle a Consumer Complaint Like a Pro And Come Out Smelling Like a Rose.

The purpose of that post is to help companies respond in such a way that it creates confidence in them that they value their customers and will do what it takes to make the situation right.

The Smelling Like a Rose post says, “Over the years of writing about the debt relief space, I’ve grown exceedingly frustrated by companies that can’t seem to deal with consumer complaints or unhappy clients positively and constructively. Instead, they seem to relish shooting themselves in the foot, time and time again.”

I received a statement from the person claiming to have submitted that consumer complaint about Tayne Law Group.

It said, “I’m posting the email response I received from them. Extremely alarming.”

Here is the alleged response from Tayne Law Group.

“Please be advised that it has come to our attention that you wrote a potentially libelous online review and: or statements that are unfounded, false, and misleading. Please be advised that your statements may potentially cause harm to our very reputable business, which we take very seriously. We have referred this to our outside counsel for a potential lawsuit against you for making these statements. You are hereby on notice to remove such false, misleading, and damaging statements or face potential litigation for damages we sustain. This office provided you with a substantial benefit, including resolving multiple accounts for you on your behalf, and as such, your statements are completely false and an attempt to extort monies from our firm that are rightly ours for services performed for you. Your actions will have serious consequences. This will not negate the fact that you owe our firm money for fees that remain unpaid to date. A lawsuit for fees may be forthcoming should the fees remain unpaid.”

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Here is My Take On All of This

I’ve got no dog in this hunt. A consumer submitted the complaint, and those are their words. But it seems there are two logical paths in this situation.

  1. Let’s say the consumer lied or was untruthful in the complaint submitted. That’s not cool, and any company should want to address the issue. A good company will shine in providing a positive response and show exceptional customer service skills. Consumers reading the positive response by the company may think this is the company I want to hire.
  2. If the complaint is factual, they value public opinion, have nothing to hide, or care about their customers, there is a much better way to respond than with threats. One interpretation of threats is the complaint was accurate. The company wants it removed because they don’t like it being public. That’s different than the complaint is inaccurate, and they want it corrected. Some potential customers may think I need to avoid that kind of company with that response.

Client disputes and complaints can start with missed communications or unrealized client expectations. What can be a minor issue can explode into something much bigger. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We Shall See What Path Tayne Law Group Takes

The ball is in the court of Tayne Law Group. I’d love to post something about their exceptional customer service and how much they care about their clients. I hope they read How to Handle a Consumer Complaint Like a Pro And Come Out Smelling Like a Rose and take the advice to heart.

The Tayne Law Group website gives the impression that attorney Leslie Tayne is kind and reasonable. She does say, “My mission has been to build an environment of trust and comfort for my clients that cannot be matched in any other experience with a law firm. I’ve strived to reshape the debt resolution experience and provide a supportive and reliable environment built on trust and results throughout my career.” – Source

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And, of course, the picture of her with the two dogs made me smile since I am a dog rescue pilot.

Hopefully Tayne Law Group Will Shine Here

Only the Tayne Law Group can determine which way this will go. However, the ball is in their court. It would be fantastic for the consumer and Tayne Law Group to come to a mutually agreeable resolution rather than a pissing contest. Positive communication between the two parties and compromise would be helpful here.

For the record, if there is anything in this or the consumer complaint post that the consumer or Tayne Law Group would like to address as inaccurate or in error, I welcome all feedback through this form.

Alternatively, public comments are welcome below.

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