Consumer Complaints Are a Chance to Shine or be in the Crosshairs

The new Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is signaling what I’ve been going on about for years when it comes to debt relief companies. Regulators want everyone to just deal with the consumer complaint in a professional way. See my post How to Handle a Consumer Complaint Like a Pro And Come … Read more

How Do I Respond to a Complaint Made About My Company on GetOutOfDebt.org? – Thomas

Your site says someone tried to contact me about a response to a complaint about my company… I dont have anything from anyone, I respond to all complaints, have nothing to hide and have always rectified every situation. Can you send me what ever it is I need to respond to the complaint, I dont … Read more

Debt RX USA Debt Settlement Company Consumer Complaint

Update August 28, 2019 I received the following statement to add from Davis Frank of DebtRx. He wanted people to understand this post was not about the current company DebtRx He said, “This complaint is Not against DebtRx. It is against a different, unrelated, company which added the word USA to their name.” DebtRx and … Read more