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Our Mortgage is Not in Our Name. Can We Still Get a Mortgage Modification? – Michael

“Dear Steve,

We have a very hi mortgage payment but we’ve managed to pay on time however we are late this month and will be next month. Our mortgage is in my father-inlaw’s name.

Hi my wife and I were not able to get a mortgage 7 years ago because of our credit score so we purchase our home in my fathe-in-law’s name. He since has been retired but works part time. We had refinance and took out money to remodle our salon business. It was a 80/20 mortgage, now we are struggling with this adjustable and for the first time for seven years we’re late on our mortgage.

My question to you is, can her father get a loan modification considering he is retired and what would you suggest we do?

Thank you

Dear Michael,

The problem here is that it is not your mortgage. Your late payments are reported against your father-in-laws credit report and that hurts his credit score and credit history.

Your father-in-law can request a modification by contacting the mortgage company but it seems like it may be problematic since he neither has the income to support the mortgage and it is not his primary residence.

If the mortgage company will not work with you then you should see if you can qualify for a mortgage to but the property from him or sell the property and move to something within your income.


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