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I’m Thinking of Killing Myself Over My Debt. – Yvonne

“Dear Steve,

I am a 58 yo white female, i do work but don’t make enoughto buy groceries, must less pay bills that was left from a abusive marriage I have tried a debt consolidator but was ripped off, was a scam I suppsoe. I have had it. I am thinking suicide is the only answer. I am tired and cannot even think straight any longer.


Dear Yvonne,

I have never seen a case when suicide did anything to make things better. It sounds like bankruptcy is the most logical solution and not a repayment play or consolidation. What you probably need most right now is some peace of mind this debt is behind you so you can move forward with your life in a positive way. Bankruptcy will do that.

Find a local bankruptcy attorney and go meet with them and if you are feeling suicidal, please seek help for that or reach out to one of the many suicide hotlines for help.

Money problem feel desperate when we feel paralyzed but the moment you implement a plan like bankruptcy you will feel as if you are taking action and start to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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