Here is What a Debt Scammer Looks Like. Watch This.

This video below was sent to me showing credit relief scammer Bob Lindsey on a CBS spot called “The Economic Report.” Lindsey has taken so many people under his many debt relief scams, and if you listen to what he has to say, he’s always the victim.

This shill video is of Bob Lindsey and Michelle Palmer, not your average consumer. Michelle is or was the girlfriend of Bob’s partner Rick Crawford. It’s yet another example of a setup perpetrated by Bob Lindsey.

As you watch the video of Bob Lindsey as the CEO of The Credit Card Solution, a company that was shutdown by the Texas Attorney General for deceptive trade practices.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, on July 9, 2009, charged a Houston-based credit repair firm with violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The state’s enforcement action names Jubilee Financial Solutions LP, also known as The Credit Card Solution (TCCS) – a self-proclaimed “debt invalidation” business – its parent company, Jubilee Financial Management LLC, and the companies’ owner, Robert Mitchell Lindsey.

Court documents filed by the attorney general requested an asset freeze, which was granted by a Harris County district judge. The state sought the asset freeze because investigators believe the defendants are improperly withholding $500,000 in customers’ payments that should have been applied to debt relief services.

What makes this video both nauseating and educational for me is how adept Bob Lindsey is at putting forward a con mans approach to rope in additional consumers to be duped.

In the video we see a guy with a nice haircut, professional looking background and that damn silver cross he wears all over the place. I suppose it’s the cross that visually bugs me the most. Bob can be a Christian but he can also wear the cross under his shirt and be a Christian by his actions. Instead, Bob advertises his cross in the videos in a “trust me I’m a Christian” way and uses it as nothing more than a sales tool to close the deal to screw consumers.

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He also spouts off a bunch of irrelevant facts to dazzle the viewer into believing he really knows what he’s talking about. One thing’s for certain, he is an expert in kicking people when they are down and taking their money for bullshit debt relief services that have proven to be nothing but a scam.

The video then introduces attorney Andy Nelms, another scammer. Nelms ran Allegro Law in Alabama and lost his law license for his deceptive and illegal activities. He’s also left a wake of consumers that have been left worse off financially by believing what Nelms was selling in his debt settlement con.

After the Nelms segment the rest of the crap that spews aurally out of Bob Linsey’s mouth is nothing but a stream of lies, otherwise I’m sure, known as “the close.”

Don’t get scammed by debt relief scammers like Nelms and Lindsey. There is no quick and painless fix and certainly no magical legal solution to make debt go away. If you find something that sounds too good to be true and it has you intrigued, ask me about it. Let me check it out and I’ll let you know what I think.


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