My Husband Went to Prison and I Can’t Afford the Bills

“Dear Steve,

My husband of 19 years went to prison,I was left to manage all debts,mortgage with less than half the income. I refinanced to keep going with my smaller income.I had to refinance again to pay an attorney for my husband,he got 14 years. we are in the process of a divorce,I don’t want this house,the property/deed is in both our names,I alone am on the mortgage.I owe more on it than its worth,every house on my street has either went into forclosure or sold for way less than owed.Due to failed business ventures and using credit cards for basic repairs and utilities my unsecured debt is 30,000.my credit score was 785 6 months ago.the past 2 months I have been late on the mortgage as well as 2 of my card payments.

What are my options to get into a more affordable home so that I can attribute more to paying my debts.”

Without a doubt the most logical choice here is for you to click here and find a local bankruptcy attorney. It seems that severing all financial obligations and relationships with him is the goal at this point since you can’t afford the debts and are getting a divorce.

Once you deal with the debt you will be able to save money for an apartment and rebuild your credit to get back on your feet.

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