Podcast – Straight Talk About Student Loan Forgiveness if You Are in Jail

Get Out of Debt Guy Podcast

Yesterday I wrote How to Get Your Federal Student Loans Forgiven if You Go to Prison. The results of my research were so surprising I had to make this podcast as a follow-up. This is just another wrinkle in the ridiculousness created by student loans. After taking a deep dive into this subject, I’m not … Read more

How to Get Your Federal Student Loans Forgiven if You Go to Prison

I Heard My Federal Student Loans Could be Eliminated Because I Was in Prison

Question: Dear Steve, I’m in a halfway house nearing the end of my federal incarceration. I will have completed ten years and four months. I have been looking at info on having my student loans written off. I’m working on getting the information I need, but can this still work? Was I supposed to do … Read more

I Was in Jail for 7 Months And Now Behind on Credit Cards. – John

“Dear Steve, NOT WORKING MUCH SUB-CONTRACTOR. DELINQUENT 1 1/2 YEARS ON CREDIT CARDS. WAS INCARCERATED ABOUT A TOTAL OF 7 MO. ABOUT 10-12,000 TOTAL CREDIT CARD DEBT. NO ASSESTS WHAT IS BEST APPROACH. BANKRUPTCY DEBT CONSOLIDATION?? John” Dear John, Being incarcerated never seems to help your credit or debt situation. Over the years I’ve talked … Read more