Former Asset Acceptance Employee Alleges FDCPA Abuses

I worked for asset acceptance a debt collection company that purchases debt they have 5 US locations and a huge call center in India. Since the company has good old Rion Needs from Amex all of the US jobs have threatened, basically forcing reps into breaking FDCPA rules to collect more money.

What happens is that most people don’t report the or realize what is happening is actually against the law. Reguardless of the state people are being called every day and at all the wrong hours at numbers we have been told are wry g or not to call.

Because of the different state rules and also outside companies that are used on top of the India call center the same person is called several times a week. Also there are many other FDCPA violations going on in how and what the customer is told it’s so bad and they are so greedy for money that they fire the compliance people who’s job it is to make sure employees who do such things are kept in line.

There is a class action lawsuit started for those people. Also the headquarters was given 4 million dollars to create jobs in MI what they created was a hireing mill. They hire people train then and pay then hourly but the bulk comes from bonus. The company incourages you to put everyone on a payment plan this result in smaller monthly payments they don’t have to pay commission on and then once your terminated they have a paying an account that they have to pay no one on.

They are closing US offices to ship the jobs over seas. The Chicago office closing was just the start they already closed a Florida medical office and there will be more as they have made it perfectly clear that the Indian call center makes a better profit.

I think the biggest part as lots of people refuse to call and try to collect a debt where are information is wrong, there are tons of accounts with no, incomplete and wrong social security numbers that we are instructed to collect on. The rules right now don’t apply for them as they try to make more of a profit.

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