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Debt and Separation. – Darlene

Been separated for over 1 year, before i found out he was cheating and spending loads of money that he didn’t have, I had incorporated all his debt into the mortgage on our house , I only had 3000.00 left to pay on the house. The house is in my name only, as he did not want his name on anything. I am paying the mortgage, taxes, insurance etc., on this house and have finally found a renter. He has never paid for anything, however he still wants half of everything including my pensions and investments we had only been married 2 years, but living together for 7 years. He is much younger than I by 20 years, and I basically supported him and his children , I also co-signed so he could start his own business which went really well for the first year, he made well over $100,000.00. The next year he lied of course said he was working and wasn’t anyways he only made $19,000.00 there was alot going on, he wasn’t working but spending money like cra zy, he was drinking and never coming home of course he was cheating dummy me.

My question is would he be responsible for paying for half of all these payments? I have finally rented the house out, in September of 2010, but I was paying for everything since November 2009.


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