Can I Be Sued for My Husband’s Debts? – Linda

My husband and I have legally been seperated for three years; May of 2010 my husband rented a tool from home depot in my name, yet he signed for it. Home depot has been harassing me for payment, I explained to them I never rented such a tool. I requested that they review the video of the transaction so I could prove that I was not present during the transaction. The manager stated that he and his staff reviewed the video and some young lady presented them with my identification. I requested that he meet with me to determine if I am the young lady on the video, he finally agreed to meet with me, but is not willing to show me the video.

Steve, I don’t beleieve that anyone showed them any identification. I think that my husband gave them an adress and my information came up in their system. The manager doesn’t want to admit that there is an error on their part.

Can I sue home depot for harrassment? Am I entitled to see the video? Can they sue me for something that my husband signed for although he and I have been legally seperated for three years? What should I do?


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