Would You Like to Be a Debt Collector?

Recruitment Video For Debt Collectors

This recruiting video for a major banks debt collection department is very interesting if you listen closely to the words. I’d suggest that you even consider watching it with your eyes closed.

I think you’ll find the video a very interesting approach to try to put a positive spin on what can be a very difficult profession.

Some highlights:

  • “Go home feeling like you made a difference”
  • “Setting up payment schedules to help them get back on track and protect their credit rating.”
  • “For noting purposes do you mind if I ask how you fell a little behind?” Noting purposes?
  • “You’ll be tracking and documenting everything you do.”
  • “Training will be fast paced and intense.”
  • “If you enjoy interacting with people this may be the job for you.”
  • “Constantly on the phone taking calls.”
  • “You should contact consumer credit counseling.”
  • “You can give me not just bank related information but also give them personal advice.” Really!!

I don’t harbor any ill will against most debt collectors. They are just people trying to earn an income and care for themselves and their families. The tragedy of the debt collection representatives for the major credit card companies and banks is that they are simply implementing the policies and procedures of the bank and don’t have the tools to treat people as individuals.

In this video you will actually hear a collector say to a customer that is offering a 50% debt settlement that he can’t help and when the caller says that he might just as well go bankrupt, the debt collector really doesn’t care.

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If you can’t see the video online, click here.

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