Active Duty Soldiers Harassed For Debts With Threats Of Family Being Arrested

I would like to preface this next news story with my exact facial expression. I encourage you join me. Please, if you would, raise your eyebrows, drop your jaw about an inch and let the fire rage in your eyes when you read about this latest fraud find.

Stephanie Lowinger, owner of Neiman, Rona & Associates in New York, has recently pleaded guilty on a fraud charge and has agreed to never collect debts in New York State again.

You may ask, what exactly did she do?

She, and her staff, specifically targeted soldiers on active duty, explaining that if they failed to make a payment immediately, their family would be arrested by military police and given dishonorable discharges.

Can you imagine being a solider, already hundreds if not thousands of miles away from home, with these kinds of false threats coming in.

According to a press release by the New York Attorney General’s office Lowinger and her staff lied about amounts owed, billed fake charges to credit cars, deliberately lied about being lawyers and harassed solider’s relatives with phone calls.

She puts the “low” in Lowinger. – Source

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