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Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Was Dismissed. Our Mortgage Company Didn’t File a Claim. – Dalia

“Dear Steve,

Chapter 13 was dismissed on 02.02.2011. IRS claims involved.

Our bankruptcy was dismissed 02/02/2011. The trustee office has $16,000.00 on hold that was suppose to be paid to our mortgage company for ongoing payments. I recently contacted our mortgage to apply for a loan modification and was told i was about 14 payments behind that is when I noticed the trustee was not paying the mortgage payments. I contacted the trustee office and was told the money is being disbursed to the IRS and other creditors at the end of the month since the mortgage company did not file a claim. What recourse if any do we have?


Dear Dalia,

I would suggest you get a second opinion from a local bankruptcy attorney. Was your mortgage company named in your bankruptcy filing?

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