Stevens Transport Charged Us to Attend Their School But Did Not Give People Jobs. – Lucas

“Dear Steve,

I got laid off from a bakery in 2007. From there, the only company that i could get a job with (due to the economy and lack of jobs) was a trucking company named stevens transport. In order to work there, i had to attend one of their “schools” for 21 days and IF, i worked at stevens transport for a year, they would forgive the 6000 loan.

From the moment i arrived at stevens tranport, i could tell something was fishy. the orientation class consisted of 200 people (all of which attended stevens schooling and had the same deal that i did) The orientation was 3 days long.

The first day, of the 200 people who were originally there, 100 of which were weeded out. “lying” on their application (20/10 vision, not 20/20 or maybe possibly being a high risk for diabetes for being overweight. Any reason you can think of, they used to weed out 1/2 of the class.

The second day was the EXACT same thing, the 100 people turned into 50. and they used the same process.

third day, was test day, and the majority of the people passed. Of these 150 people that fell victim to steven transports cattleshoot, ALL OF WHICH OWE STEVENS $6000 for attending their school, eventhough they stevens transport failed on their promise to give them a job.

after everything was said and done, i fell victim to their scam and was thought to be irrational, and mentally unstable because i have a degree in computers, yet was driving a truck. (yes, this was one of the things they mentioned during their fishing for reasons to fire me.

I never thought that it was legal for me to owe money after getting canned like that, however NOW, i have their collection agency telling me “either pay us 6000 now, or we are going to garnish you for 10,000. How legal is the stevens transport scam and how can i fight this debt? honestly, i think it should be considered “trade-school abuse” but I have no means or presidence to fight it.

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Dear Lucas,

Do you have a copy of the agreement, if any, you signed to attend this school?

It sounds like you were only at the school for three days so a charge for the full amount for training you did not receive does not reasonable.

Does the collector think you attended more than three days?

Does the agreement you signed say anything about owing money for attending partial training?

Did Stevens front the money for the training or did you have to take a loan out from someone else for the training?

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I did find the following online that I think describes what you were told:

Stevens will finance the cost of your training. All you have to do is remain employable and stay on the road as a Stevens driver for one full year.

No questions asked. There are no credit checks, no down payments, no requirements.

No up front costs. When you attend other schools, you’ll have to come up with the cost of your tuition and expenses. When you attend Stevens Driving Academy, we cover the costs – right up front.

Very little out of pocket expenses. Housing is available to out of town students. We’ll finance the total cost of the hotel lodging, plus meal assistance is available.

Stevens Transport says they provide education under the approval of the Texas Workforce Commission.

Students dissatisfied with this school’s response to their complaint or who are not able to file a complaint with the school, can file a formal complaint with the TWC, as well as with other relevant agencies or accreditors, if applicable.

According to the Texas Work Commission website the $5,995 training is for 144.5 hours of training. That certainly does not sound like what you received.

I would suggest you contact the Texas Work Commission Ombudsman office and file a complaint. The TWC Ombudsman provides information and facilitates complaint resolution regarding all TWC services. Contact the TWC Ombudsman by telephone at (512) 463-2236 or on the Internet at ombudsman@twc.state.tx.us. Mail written complaints or requests to:

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TWC Ombudsman
Texas Workforce Commission
101 E. 15th Street, Rm. 651
Austin, TX 78778-0001

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