The Debt Relief Company Took Our Money And We Had to File Bankruptcy Anyway. – Marti

“Dear Steve,

My husband paid a debt relief company approximately $4200.00 over a period of 7 months. He paid around $600.00 a month. No debt was ever settled for him. He ended up filing for bankruptcy instead. We followed most of your steps for requesting his money back.

The company has only agreed to pay us back $750.00. This is a joke. I told them that I would settle for no less than $3000.00. They continue to tell me that I breached an agreement with them and that they could sue me for this money.

They did not ever settle any debt for me so aren’t I entitled to my money back?? I filed a BBB complaint online against them. I am in California and they are located in Florida. They called me today and offered me a couple hundred bucks to retract the complaint. If I take them to Small Claims Court will I have a chance of winning or will they be able to countersue me for the alleged breach of contract that they keep referring to???


Dear Marti,

Their position is insulting. There are people here that would be willing to fight for you to get more of your money back.

Please post in the comments who the company is and let’s see what we can do.

It seems the issue is that they charged you for services they never provided. If you sued them in your local small claims court on the other side of the country it would cost them more to fight it than to just give you a better refund.

I know you said you followed most of the steps, I suggest you follow all of the steps.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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Steve Rhode

3 thoughts on “The Debt Relief Company Took Our Money And We Had to File Bankruptcy Anyway. – Marti”

  1. silverthorn and lupolover, doesnt give proper advice. they have no problem selling you this idea even if they are unsure if its right for you.  I spent 4500 dollars over 10 months,  only to get sued by my creditors, now i claimed bankruptcy.   They dont take accountability for what they sell, they just sell it, and take thier non refundable “legal” fees,   these are service fees no lawyer is issued to defend you, its just a company that isnt regulated by the government, nor do they REALLY have any power,  creditors can just ignore them,  why pay the powerless to help you??  if you want real advice about my experiences i will gladly give this to you , as i am a real person, a former client, and can be reached at [email protected]       this may work for SOME people. but this company wont tell you if it will, they cant guarantee anything.    I am not writing slander or anything negative about the company, just the facts.   For the record, the customer service reps were great to talk to and very helpful, but the product wasnt for me,  and please dont hesitate to contact me, as i may be able to shed some light on whether or not this company is for you.  


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