I Want to Sue the Law Offices of Macey Aleman & Searns. – George

“Dear Steve,

I signed a contract with The Law Offices of Macey Aleman & Searns (17767 N. Perimeter Drive, Suite B101 Scottsdale, AZ 85255)

I now realize that after they collect your money ($3000.00) that it is a scam. I am a hard working person and sought legitimate help to get a Home Loan Modification and now am worse off for dealing with them.

I would like to sue them for false advertising and making false claims as they have not honored what they promised. They should be put out of business and not allowed to prey upon innocent people seeking help for their financial problems.


Dear George,

If I read your question correctly it appears you paid an advanced fee for a home loan modification. When did you enter into this agreement and pay the fee?

I previously wrote a document to assist people in obtaining refunds from debt relief providers. You can read it here.

You make the statement the claims made to you were false but why do you say that? What is your objection to the services you received?

If you have a copy of the agreement you signed I’d like to see a copy of it. You can upload it to me using this page.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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13 thoughts on “I Want to Sue the Law Offices of Macey Aleman & Searns. – George”

  1. Macey and Aleman dooped us out of $1100 in a bankruptcy proceeding which they did absolutely nothing.  This is a predatory firm, nationwide, operating under a score of aliases including “Legal Helpers.”  They are a total scam and the state bar feels they are doing nothing wrong.  That’s what happens when lawyers protect lawyers!!

  2. I paid their modification unit 6500 over 9months to guide me through modification. I submitted all docs requested and made payments thru auto deductions. As the home went from foreclosure to sale date I was told my case was in the paralegal dept and would soon be assigned a local attorney. 1week before sale and trying to get better answers I contacted the lender and the court for a postponement because I had funds in my 401k for reinstatement which I wouldn’t have til the day after the sale. MLG nor myself could get the postponement approved and the property was bought back by the lender. I asked MLG what happened and I have only been told that they sent in the request and that was all they could do. I continued to gather info because I was paid up for the month but they only offered to help with a cash for keys program. Upon cancelling and requesting a refund I have not heard from them in a month. The lender called and is requesting to the court to vacate sale and I reinstate and modify later. Something went wrong but I don’t know what. It’s been 3wks since I have been able to contact the lender as the status of the request. As soon as my home situation settles I will he pursuing MLG ,macey aleman and searns very aggressively. I told money out of retirement to save home but now I have the money and no home so my retirement savings is suffering

  3. I have signed the contract with them also. they have been hard to work with and now they just closed up all 15 of there satellite offices across the united states. I am told good luck getting my money back and by the time they are ready to start looking at my case again I will have probably lost my house.  Lord help the people that don’t call daily like I do there first warning that something is up with this law office is going to b a sheriff putting a notice to vacate on there door when they say ( no I’ve hired an attorney to fight for me) .


  4. I also got burned by Macey, Aleman and Searns.  I was told the same things as  George. I was told they would call me weekly. They did for the first month.  Then I had to call them.  After another month I could  not even reach them.
    Patti Kicklighter in / cleveland, Tn.

  5. I would suggest contacting your State Attorney General and make a formal complaint. I live in Washington State and had a similar offer almost two years ago. I received a mailer offering settlement on my mortgage. The lure was it sounded like a “government approved” program due to the economy. I almost sent these people $3000.00. I asked for proof of who they were. They sent a photo copied pamphlet which cued me they were a scam. They had told me to stop making payments on my mortgage, that it would be “easier” to settle with the bank and then I could afford the upfront “retainer”. I was one day away from my mortgage being delinquent when I received the pamphlet.I did call them and told them I would not participate. It is interesting that within a week or two I received a mailer again, also a “lure” giving the impression of an economy government  approved program to reduce my “unsecured” debt. This was through a “front” agency called ZeroDebt, actually” Legal Helpers Debt Resolution” associated with The Law Offices of Macey, Aleman, ans Searns out of Chicago, Illinois. I did sign on to their program and was scammed out of $7000.00 over seven months. I did wake up to the fact they were a scam as well, much to my embarrassment. I did contact the State Attorney General and found out their activity was illegal in Washington.I have filed a Class action lawsuit against CDS which the “back” company for all of these agencies.My purpose in the suit I filed is to try to stop these people at least in Washington State.These people are able to target unsuspecting folks who are in financial hardship. They know we are desperate. I did not want to file bankruptcy and thought I was doing the right thing. I did file bankruptcy last April, which in hind sight I should have done originally.
    This whole industry of Debt settlement needs very close scrutiny. The problem is, they change their names almost on a weekly basis to avoid legal action or being found out. I think Congress should do an investigation into the mortgage and Debt settlement scammers.

    • my mother got scammed by them thank you for the proof i can rub in her face, tho i feel bad maybe she should listen to me more

  6. I also have been “taken” by this supposedly legal law firm. I recently called a ph.# for their corporate office in Chicago and talked to a Mr, Shrivert and he said that a Brendon Stevens would contact me within 24 hours. That was over a week ago. Still nothing!

  7. I had the same experience as George. I feel so stupid for falling for this scam and Now I’m out of my money and about to loose my home. Something has to be done to stop these people from praying on the financially distressed people.

  8. i’ve had some contact with this firm ~ i totally suggest NOT DOING BUISNESS WITH THEM ~ They are quick to push ~ Thank goodness I never signed on with this idiot who was hounding me daily~

  9. i’ve had some contact with this firm ~ i totally suggest NOT DOING BUISNESS WITH THEM ~ They are quick to push ~ Thank goodness I never signed on with this idiot who was hounding me daily~


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