Debt Relief Companies Targeted by Scott Law Group in Washington

In response to an article I posted yesterday here in which I mentioned Darrell Scott, Esq. said he was going after 16 settlement companies, a reader sent in the actual list of companies.

The tipster (send in your tips here) said:

“The Scott Law Group, P.S. is currently involved in debt settlement litigation involving the following companies:”

  • Ascend One Corporation
  • CareOne Services, Inc
  • Century Negotiations, Inc.
  • Consumer Law Associates, LLC
  • Debt Relief USA
  • DR Options LLC (dba Debt Relief Options LLC)
  • Freedom Debt Center
  • Freedom Debt Relief, LLC
  • Freedom Financial Network, LLC
  • Freedom Fidelity Management, Inc
  • GHS Solutions, LLC
  • Global Client Solutions, LLC
  • JEM Group, Inc
  • JIO Reserves, Inc
  • LDL Freedom Enterprises (dba Financial Crossroads)
  • Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC
  • Marshall Banks, LLC (dba Kazlow & Tucker Debt Relief)
  • Nationwide Support Services, Inc.
  • NoteWorld, LLC
  • Persels & Associates LLC
  • Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust
  • Solid Ground Financial, LLC”

Thanks for the update and information.


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3 thoughts on “Debt Relief Companies Targeted by Scott Law Group in Washington”

    • Hey, Scott Law Group, you now have another company to go after…CMS.

      Here is how their scheme works:

      1. An aggrieved consumer has a potential claim against a business.
      2. The consumer hires CMS to represent their interest and try and obtain monetary redress.
      3. Said consumer pays CMS 30% (a portion of which is paid upfront) of the total recovery.

      They’re clearly engaged in UPL.  Interestingly, what they call a contingency fee is not even a true contingency fee since a portion of it is paid upfront.  When a lawyer takes a case on a contingency basis, they don’t get a single penny until (and unless) a monetary recovery is made. 

      I’m all for helping aggrieved consumers get their hard earned money from unscrupulous debt relief providers.  But the way this CMS scheme is currently set up, it’s simply a scam masquerading around as a pro-consumer advocate.  

      Hey, CMS, if you’re willing to charge no fee for your service at all, I’d publicly congratulate you and you’d be a hero.  Otherwise, you’re no different than the rest of em’.

      By the way, comparing yourself with the BBB *and the Dave Ramsey Show is ridiculous – they don’t charge money and YOU DO!  (and, in the case of the BBB, they’re non profit).

      • Ironic that you post to SLG, who we voiced our support for just hours before you find their article. LMAO.

        Yep… We charge sombody for our service. Wake up UPL, we arent a debt relief company. We provide no debt relief services. We do one thing: we annoy the hell out of companies like you until you do what is right for the person you ripped off. Yes, SLG, we are in the debt relief industry- as a fraud fighting company helping consumers who got ripped off fight for their refunds.

        And UPL is some pissed off debt settlement provider intimidated by our presence.

        UPL, while you’re at it, write to Santa Claus asking for a new pacifier. I wish I knew what company you were with.. I’d have a field day with you guys.

        What is such a horrible thing about charging somebody $60 bucks up front to fight against scumbags like you who took a grand from them and promised them a unicorn, the fountain of youth, and of course, financial freedom by “reducing [their] debts by more than 60% in two years or less” ?? And our contingency is based on what we get back. So what the hell is your problem with having a performance based fee?

        You wouldnt publicly congratulate anything on our end because if you would, you would have done it by now. You are 100% anti CMS because you know we will leverage our knowledge of the industry you operate in until right conquers, and you are scared that at some point you may find yourself on the other end of our phone call. And BTW, we never compared ourselves to Dave Ramsey. It was David Horrowitz genius.

        As stated above, fight on SLG. This industry has gone to hell and as a former CEO of a mid sized back end for several years, I say I am embarrassed to have made a penny in this industry.

        Cleaning up the debt relief industry one public nuisance at a time, CMS signing out.


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