I’m Worried Able Debt Settlement is Going to Go Out of Business Before They Settle My Debts. – Cheryl

“Dear Steve,

I listed 2 debts with Able Debt almost 5 years ago. One settled; the other Citibank has not yet settled. Able has gone into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and when I called their office today found out that Tiffany was no longer there. They have one girl working in their office. Her name is Sandra. I’m wondering if they are not using a call center. I’m scared to death Able will go into a complete bankruptcy and that I will be out almost $3500 which was what was paid to settle this one debt. Additionally, I have the monies for the settlement with Citi and would love for it to finally settle.

What can you recommend Steve? I’m very, very upset about this.

Thanks for your help.


Dear Cheryl,

Well it looks like the Able Debt Settlement bankruptcy is still proceeding. On April 27, 2011 there was a notice to extend time due to litigation involving Able Debt Settlement.

CIRCUIT COURT OF KANAWHA COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA State ex reI. Darrell V. McGraw, Jr. v. Able Debt Settlement, Inc. Civil Action No: 09-C-683; Suit is pending.

CIRCUIT COURT OF RALEIGH COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA, Raleigh County HSBC v. Angela Massey v. Able Debt Settlement, Inc., Raleigh County Civil Action No. 08-C-611-H; Suit is pending.

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF KANSAS, Wichita Division Betty F. Anderson v. Able Debt Settlement, Inc. Case No. 09-CV-1229-MLB-KMH; Suit is pending.

SUPERIOR COURT OF NEW JERSEY LAW DIVISION, ESSEX COUNTY Sewnarine Etwaroo v. Able Debt Settlement, Inc., Vanco Services, Inc. and Big Solutions, Inc. Docket No.: ESX-L-8165-1 0 Civil Action; Suit is pending.

SUPERIOR COURT FOR JEFFERSON COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA Troy Duggan, on behalf of himself and all other similarly situated v. Able Debt Settlement, Inc. Civil Action File NO.1 0-CV-00024; Suit is pending.

US BANKRUPTCY COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA Bruce A. McGuiness and Tami L. McGuiness v. Able Debt Settlement, Inc., Ralph S. Lewis, Individually and as Agent for ADSI Lisa Rampersad, Individually and as Agent for ADSI Chapter 13 Case No. 10-11185-SDB, Adversary No. 11-01001-SDB; Suit is pending.

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On April 20, 2011 Able Debt Settlement submitted an updated operating statement to the bankruptcy court.

Interestingly the company labeled it’s line of business as “Data & Document Processing.” Odd.

While you feel they have a limited office staff, court documents indicate they have what looks like nine people on payroll. – Source

If you are concerned about the company continuing then I would suggest you contact one of the companies listed here that will settle remaining debts for $199 an account.

If you use one of those companies to help you out of this jam please be sure to come back here and let us know about your experience.

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