I Was Told My Student Loans Would be Forgiven. Now I’m Hearing a Different Story. – Julie

“Dear Steve,

I went through a divorce about 9 years ago and really got taken in the mediation process, my ex is controlling and manipulative and it’s been easier to let him out of his financial commitments than to fight about it.

Since becoming a single mom that has necessitated career changes which in turn necessitated a degree change and going back to college to get my degree in Education. When I embarked on this journey to secure my Master’s degree in Education I was told that there would be total loan forgiveness after I completed 5 years in special education.

I am completing my 3rd year currently. I requested deferment on the loans that are outstanding. Oddly enough I was granted deferment on all outstanding loans (they seem to have all spread like the wind to different lenders in all of the changes in student loan practices) aside from one that determined I had a balance on undergraduate loans before 1998, which I did.

However I was told by a government employee that answered the customer service line for the Department of Education a year or so ago that as long as those were paid off prior to the new loans entering into repayment it would be fine. So on one hand I feel like if some of the lenders granted the deferment they should also honor the loan forgiveness, however why would this one lender reject it and what recourse do I have from here?

If making a career change I was told my loans would be forgiven, but now there is a “catch” that I had to have all loans prior to 1998 paid off and I didn’t know that at the beginning of this endeavor and I was told that if I had a zero balance prior to the current loans going into repayment that was fine. I know student loans are not commonly forgiven in bankruptcy, but with these extenuating circumstances would it be possible?

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Dear Julie,

What specific program are these loans to be forgiven under? Do you have a link to it you can post in the comments section below so I can look at it?


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