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What Legal Action Can HSBC in Dubai Take Against My Partner in Malta? – Mo

I am a Sudanese citizen, born and brought up in Dubai and lived there all my life. I was a private banker working for a regional bank and my partner was a recruiter. After the financial crises we left Dubai in 2009 with my partner to return to her country in Europe (Malta).

I managed to find a new work but its 80% less of what I used to make back in Dubai. My partner is still unemployed. When leaving Dubai she had an outstanding loan and Credit Card with HSBC. She emailed the bank to inform them of our situation, and that she would be willing to make payments (by compromising a lot with my salary, which is barely getting us through till the end of the month).

Its been almost 2 years now since she sent the email, and we recently heard from a lawyer representing HSBC who mailed a notification letter to my partner’s residence quoting “despite the banks several attempts to contact you, you have never replied/answered back).

To our surprise since we were the ones to make first contact in 2009, we emailed the attorney (who are based out of Cyprus) and attached a copy of the email we sent to HSBC.

My personal view from the way the lawyers replied was it seemed to be a collection officer working for the bank!

Initially the attorney emailed us advising to get the cash from friends and family! They didn’t even say get another loan! And when we suggested that we can get another loan, but it wont cover the outstanding balance cause my salary is way to low to make any substantial difference, they simply advised again to seek funds from friends and family!

We did explain the situation by telling the bank in our first email that my monthly salary is Euro 800, I would be more than happy to make payments towards the outstanding AED 70,000. The lawyers corresponded back by writing that we have to settle the full amount (1 payment!) plus interest which would accumulate to AED 100,000…and the gave 4 weeks to comply.

What is the legal action that the bank/lawyers can take against my partner. Can the bank issue any sort of ban or warrant against my partner in her country? We are not planning to go back to the GCC, never the less we intend to pay off any outstanding debts.


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