How Do I Get My Creditors to Stop Charging Me Interest So I Can Get Out of Debt? – Amelia

“Dear Steve,

Just a couple of credit cards for me and a couple for my husband. full amount $8K.

I would like to pay my credit cards but I would like for them to stop charging me interests. I am not going to use them ever again. I just want to pay them. Right now they are applying just half of my payments to principal. I want to make payments that will be apply to principal in full, so I can get rid of this debt once and for all.

Can I do it on my own, or I will need a law firm or consolidation people.

than you


Dear Amelia,

Outside of bankruptcy, which would stop interest all together you may want to consider two solutions.

  1. Credit Counseling – In a credit counseling program your interest may be significantly reduced depending on who your creditors are. You can click here for credit counseling information.
  2. Debt Consolidation Loan – If you have really good credit you can get a very low rate for an unsecured debt consolidation loan from

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