My Father Was Supposed to Pay My Student Loans. He Didn’t. – Cecilia

“Dear Steve,

I have a 3.000 student loan that was supposed to have been paid by my father 15 years ago. He did not. Now I recieved a letter from an address the collector found from my Discover Credit card (my brothes house in Florida) saying that I have to pay over 10,000 on late fees, etc.

I have not been living in the country ever since and I do not have a job. I am a mother of 3 living in the DR.

I have a bank account in the states with my husband where we put money that is saved. In Florida. I tried calling them to lower the amount and work out a payment, but had no luck.

Can my bank account get frozen? I would like to fix the problem without getting into trouble.

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Dear Cecilia

I’m assuming that DR is Dominican Republic.

Is your father still around to ask what happened?

Are these private student loans or government student loans?

Student loan collectors have a bunch of power but let’s not rush to fear just yet. Post your answers to my follow-up questions in the comments section and let’s deal with the facts of the situation first and then we can come up with a plan for dealing with this.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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