Want to Know How FUBAR Federal Student Loans Are? Read This.

Federal Student Loans are so FUBAR

Betsy DeVos, the Wicked Witch of the Midwest, was perhaps the most despised member of President Trump’s cabinet. As Trump’s Education Secretary, she coddled the for-profit college industry and (in my opinion) bungled the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. Nevertheless, in a speech delivered in November 2018, DeVos revealed to the nation just how … Read more

We’ve Been to Credit Counseling But Should We File For Bankruptcy?

Dear Steve Hi! I am a piano teacher, and due to the bad economy have very few students, even though I am used to having plenty. We just moved because we could no longer afford where we lived. We gave up our house in a deed in lieu of foreclosure. My husband took a cut … Read more

What I’m Reading Today – 11-24-2020

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Since I spend my day researching important consumer debt issues, I thought I’d share with you the material that I found most fascinating today: Student Loan Losses Seen Costing U.S. More Than $400 Billion “The U.S. government stands to lose more than $400 billion from the federal student loan program, an internal analysis shows, approaching … Read more

Some College Students Are Just Financial Reality Challenged

Fox News recently had an article that caught my attention. See College students shocked to hear ‘Biden’ student loan plan is really Trump’s: ‘I hate him, but that’s a start’. The premise of the article seems to be some college students thought deferring student loan payments and suspending payroll taxes for three months was a … Read more

2005 Bankruptcy Reforms “Failed Miserably” to Help Students

It’s official, bankruptcy reform in 2005 totally sucked for people with private student loans. Academic research shows lenders won and consumers lost. Here is the abstract from a paper in the Harvard Law & Policy Review by Alexei Alexandrov and Dalie Jimenez that looks at the data of how the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and … Read more

What Caused the Student Loan Debt Problem?

By Mark Tetzlaff, JD, MBA, MAR Everyone agrees that student loan debt is spiraling out of control. Analysts cite many reasons, but offer few remedies. In my view, the reason for no offers of plausible solutions is that experts have failed to pinpoint the primary cause—Congress passing the Higher Education Amendments of 1992 (HEA-92) and … Read more

My Business Failed and I’m a Disabled Veteran

Question: Dear Steve, We bought an existing business – a gym- with an SBA loan. Even though we grew the membership from 80 to 430 within 2 years, the overhead and servicing the loans were crushing us. Enter the $10 per month gym chains and we had no other option than to sell the gym … Read more

I Have $210K of Student Loans, But Debt Collectors Stopped Calling. Am I Free?

Almost everyone looks back at something they did when they were younger and thinks, “Yeah, that was stupid.” That can be a particularly painful thought when that something involves taking on student loan debt. Unfortunately, millions of people know that pain, and because of the laws unique to student loans, they may have to live with … Read more

Ask The Expert: Why Can My Girlfriend Get Her Student Loans Fixed And I Can’t?

Question: My girlfriend and I both have lots of student loans. We Googled “student loan consolidation” and got some sketchy-looking websites. But we’re desperate, so we entered some info into some fields. They said she could get her loans consolidated but mine couldn’t be. Is this for real? — Bill in Iowa Howard Dvorkin CPA answers… … Read more