Clear Blue Debt Solutions and Synergy Debt Group Look Like a Scam. They Are Not Making Friends in Canada.

I received information from a tipster (send in your tips here) in Canada that wanted to share new information about these companies.

The tipster (send in your tips here) said:

“I was amazed at how frequently I was lied to when I spoke with employees from these companies. I can’t remember anyone lying to me that much in one conversation before. In one conversation I was told three times in three different ways that their debt management program would not hurt my credit. In fact, it would “build” my credit.

These claims and numerous others are completely contradicted by their client contracts (I obtained one from each company).

Once I expressed interest in their program and provided my personal information, I had to wait for 30 minutes for their processing department to assess my application and obtain the rates that creditors were offering that day.

Exactly 30 minutes later, the sales guy called me back and provided me with the interest rates that my creditors were offering that day. He urged me to act quickly because creditor “interest rate offers fluctuate with the market.”

I had to refrain from bursting out in laughter. What a load of rubbish. To make maters worse, he claimed that American Express was offering me 0% interest if I signed up for their debt management program that day. I then called American Express, and they told me what I already knew. They do not deal with any for-profit debt management company. The Synergy Debt Group employee’s claim was complete non-sense.”

This tip led me to find two recent article published by these companies by a group in Canada.

Clear Blue Debt Solutions

Clear Blue Debt Solutions, a company I wrote about before has resurfaced as the target for a very extensive article by a Canadian debt agency.

The article, Clear Blue Debt Solutions is Misleading Canadians with False Information

The article lays out some very worrisome points about this company which appears to be controlled or run by an American company.

The article makes the following statements and allegations:

  • Clear Blue Debt Solutions Inc., a Florida based debt settlement company, has a team of telemarketers calling Canadians from Melbourne, Florida. These telemarketers refer people to either Clear Blue Debt Solutions or Synergy Debt Group “Counsellors” who earn 30% commission on their sales if they meet their sales targets.
  • Claim to be a Canadian company with a success rate over 90%.
  • Clear Blue Debt Solutions Inc. is incorporated in the United States in state of Delaware and operates out of 3270 Suntree Blvd, Suites 102A & 102B, Melbourne, FL 32940. We confirmed this with three of their employees. However, it was apparent that they are trained not to reveal this information, nor are they allowed to disclose that they use to call themselves the Vortex Debt Group
  • Clear Blue Debt Solutions’ Counsellors are not accredited by any Canadian organization. Instead they claim that their Counsellors are accredited through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA). Clear Blue tells us that this accreditation process takes at least 6 months to complete. However, a former Clear Blue employee tells us that close to 50% of their Counsellors leave the company every month. If this allegation is true, then it would be difficult for them to get many of their Counsellors accredited.
  • Employees confirm that they are working out of the same offices that the Vortex Debt Group was run from: 3270 Suntree Blvd, Suites 102A & 102B, Melbourne, FL 32940.
  • A former client of Clear Blue Debt Solutions provided us with a copy of his contract with this company. In the agreement, it clearly discloses the fees that the client will be charged. When you add up all the fees, they amount to the company keeping 100% of the client’s first monthly payment plus 75% of the client’s next 17 monthly payments. These fees are so outrageous that we believe they call the company’s legitimacy into question. We cannot see how a company can claim to help people when it is keeping 75% of their monthly payments in fees. In the debt settlement business, this puts their clients at tremendous risk.
  • Current and former employees of both Clear Blue Debt Solutions and Synergy Debt Group confirmed for us that Tim McCallan is the owner of both companies plus the company that is running things behind the scenes, Wave Group Marketing. 877-559-7690.

Here is What I Found on WAV Services Team

WAV Services Team says it is located at:
Suntree Business Center
3270 Suntree Blvd., Suite 102A
Melbourne, FL 32940
321-600-1339 – Source

The tipster (send in your tips here) also said:

All of the information that the ex-employee provided to us that we were able to verify checked out. However, I was amazed at how much information current Clear Blue and Synergy employees were willing to share in an attempt to win your confidence and land a sale.

They told me how much money they make. “Counsellors” get $9.62 per hour plus 30% commission if they make their lofty monthly sales targets. One “Counsellor” confided that most of their sales people aren’t making their targets right now.

And if you take the base pay in the employment advertisement and divide it by the number of working hours in a year, 2080, you wind up with $9.62 per hour. The facts seem to match.

WAV Services Team was incorporated in Florida on June 23, 2011 and lists Wayne Walton as the president of the company. – Source

Wayne Walton has been previously linked with Vortex Debt Group and AmeriCorp.

Walton ran another AmeriCorp tied company called Media Mogul at the same address in Melbourne. That company was administratively dissolved because Walton failed to file the necessary annual returns with the State of Florida.

In their corporate filing, WAV Services Team says they are located at:

1227 S.Patrick Drive, Suite #617
Satellite Beach FL 32937

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You will notice that is an entirely different address than they claim in their employment advertisement. The S. Patrick Drive address is actually that of the Regency Business Center. The Suntree Business Center is the address in Melbourne.

But the one thing the two addresses have in common is they appear to be linked on at least one website as virtual business centers. – Source

The domain identified with this company is wavteam.com but everything about the ownership of this domain is hidden. The name is reported to have been registered on July 11, 2011. – Source

Synergy Debt Group

I’ve also written about this company before, click here.

Another article written by the same Canadian group titled “Synergy Debt Group is Misleading Canadians with False Information” makes the following allegations which link it to Clear Blue Debt Solutions.

  • Synergy Debt is only licensed in Ontario. The fact that they claim to be licensed in all 10 provinces but are only licensed in 1 is again a substantial distortion of the truth. If you do not live in Ontario and Synergy Debt tried to sell you one of their Debt Management Programs (their only service), than that was illegal.
  • Their Employees Falsely Claim that Their Company is Canadian and has an Office in Scarborough, Ontario.
  • Further proof that Synergy Debt Group Inc. is an American company is drawn from the fact that it is incorporated in the state of Delaware, and the Officer, President, and Director for that company are registered as Wendy Manzo, Tim McCallan’s employee.
  • The Canadian office address that is listed on the Synergy Debt Group’s website, synergydebt.ca, is prominently displayed on their client agreements and is quoted by Synergy Debt employees is only a mail box. Synergy Debt Group does not have a real office in Canada, and they never have.
  • Synergy Debt’s client agreement stipulates that their clients must accept the following:
    • “My first payment to Synergy will not be disbursed to my creditors (page 1).” Synergy will keep 100% of this payment. This practice is unheard of among reputable credit counselling organizations. This does not help the client and instead creates a hardship for them by forcing them to make a double payment on their first month of the program since Synergy’s contract states that you must still pay your creditors yourself until the second month.
    • “The first 90 days of the program . . . is the amount of time my creditors need to process my accounts and apply my benefits (page 1).” This may be true in some exceptional cases, but most of the time, most creditors will respond to a credit counselling agency within approximately 30 days. We would be very concerned if Synergy was waiting until 90 days to break the news to its clients that many of their creditors refused to allow the client’s debt to go on the program.
    • “All fees are non refundable (page 1).” We sincerely hope that Synergy Debt is not holding out for 90 days so that they can keep their client’s first three payments. Unfortunately, the ex-employee we spoke with insists that they are.
    • If a client feels that they have been wronged by the Synergy Debt Group, they will either have to travel to the state of Delaware or hire a lawyer in Delaware to proceed with legal action. Synergy’s contract clearly states that, “this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware. Any action to interpret or enforce this agreement shall be brought solely before the courts of that state (page 2).”

It will be interesting to watch how this all unfolds.

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25 thoughts on “Clear Blue Debt Solutions and Synergy Debt Group Look Like a Scam. They Are Not Making Friends in Canada.”

  1. there new scams is now a fake dimond sight.  word is they in florida opening it up now, train the people on new scam then hide in ny, scamers never stop 

  2. I have written you a few times regarding Vortex Debt Group/Synthis/Americorp/Clear Blue Solutions and really who knows ow many more names they will have. The last time I wrote I had mentioned this company is having financial problems and was concerned what would happen to the many people who signed up with their company. I left the company not a disgruntled employee by any means but one that would not do what they ordered me to do and that was to lie and hang up on clients, I would not do that as I and just a few others really cared about our clients, well my supervisor ordered me to lie to the clients and I refused to I walked out which is nothing I am proud of but I had no choice but to do so since I would not do what they asked. Well low and behold employees were getting laid off left and right, the call center had over 100 reps and after I left it got down to less then 20 people as of right now they let all the customer service reps go on 05/18/12 and they put 3 sales people to work answering the phones. What has happen is the upper management in the sales dept took over (A BUNCH OF LIARS). They have shut down Synthis, they have shut down the Canada clients and those poor people have lost all there money they will not be able to get their money back. The clients in the US are some what lucky as they have access to their money and can call Global Client Solutions and close their account and get their money back however the clients in Canada do not have that abilitly the money received from the Canada clients gets debited and goes into one bank account whichThe Bank Of Montreal and guess who’s name it’s under yes Tim McCallan yep, so those poor people when they call the center will get no one and they are out their money. Oh and by the way Synthis which was owned by paper only Vanessa Vinicombe well her husband Alex Vinicombe he resigned and since they shut down Synthis she is now working in a cubicle instead of that big nic e office she had, will be just a matter of time before her and Alex pack their bags and head back to New York. Wayne Walton is going to open under another name and who knows what will happen. I wanted to get this info to you in hopes of getting this out there. I truly cared about my clients and have a heart. I luckily took some of my clients phone numbers with me and called them to give them warning in advance, they were very greatful but worried about there accounts that were not settled, I told them I would be more than happy to help them settle their accounts and would not charge them as I'[m not in it for the money but only to help them, I only hope that I will be able to do this as I start my new job 06/13/12. I don’t know if you can do anything or have ways of getting this out to the consumers but if you do I would be so greatful if you could so these clients don’t get screwed. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.

  3. The real “scam” is all the banks targeting canadians because their government has no regulations like the USA. IT IS LEGAL FOR COMPANIES TO CHARGE UP-FRONT FEES IN CANADA BUT ILLEGAL IN THE USA. Yes there are scams, but can you really blame these companies from exploiting this situation? Perhaps Canadian’s should take a more active role in their government instead of being manipulated by banks AND HAVING THIS CHILD MOLESTER POINTING THE FINGER WHILE THE REAL VILLANS MAKE BANK! HOW ABOUT IT, UNCLE PERVY? You care so much about Canadians, you point this out. Otherwise, you are obviously PROFITING FROM LACK OF PROTECTION THAT ALL CANADIANS DESERVE!

  4. This is not crap…I have one of my clients calling me telling me that they went to Synergy and were scammed for $280…synergy is no longer answring his phone calls Im getting him to contact the district attorney.  The number he called was 1-877-559-7690, he spoke with Sarah, Margrette.  The person that took his money goes by the name of Bruno Barnaby.

  5. I live in Manitoba, Canada and was contacted by Synergy Debt Group. Sounded really good until they asked me for my personal bank info and SIN. Red Flag I’ll say. I told them that they needed to forward the documents for me to look over first. Their response was that I had to close the deal that same day. Red Flag. Thank You for confirming what I suspected, that they are Bad News.

      • This is a great amount of sleuthing you have done, and I absolutely love your reply to SOMEONE.  I just spoke to someone at Wave Services Team, and the person there did admit to being in Florida.  He claimed that his company, using the via of Synergy, “can communicate and deal with every major lender in North America”  (I am in Canada)  He said I would be serviced by a Synergy office in Canada, if I enrolled for ‘the program’.   I am very glad I found your site and these posts…before I got sucked in.  I can’t see anything in your articles that seems incorrect.  

          • I was just called today by Synergy and was told they are in Scarborough Ontario Canada, that they keep the first month payment as a fee (didn’t mention I would still have to pay the creditors also), along with another $31 monthly fee to monitor the program.  He explained that on my $9000 unsecured debts (2 credit cards and a personal loan), I would be paying $210 + 31 = $241/mo, with interest total being around 8%, lower than what I was paying and would save a lot over the time it would take to pay it all off.  He said I would be accepted by the 3 creditors to entering the program no problem as long as I wasn’t behind on them too much (e.g. “$1000 or more than 90 days). 

            He said it wouldn’t affect my credit badly in any way like a proposal in bankruptcy, or settlement arrangement, would etc.

            I told him I am in temporary hardship due to a robbery a few months ago and the temporary relief would help if it reduced my payments by a consolidation and lowered payments, but I would want to pay it off fairly quickly over the next several months probably.  He said I could, but warned that I should not tell the creditors that, or pay them anything extra beyond the program amounts for the first 3 months, since they would say that I obviously didn’t need them to offer lower interest that badly and would cancel the program, that I could pay anything extra I wanted after the first 3 months were up.  That sounded a bit suspicious, but somewhat plausible.

            It sounded good, but when he asked for my credit card and loan account number info to complete the application to email to me to finish off, I balked, as I do not give out that kind of info on the phone, especially to anyone who calls me, since I can’t be sure who they are.  I told him to call back tomorrow to finish it, as I had to go out then, so I could do some research.  So I have found your site and others warning about these companies and will no better than to follow through with them tomorrow.  Thanks for posting your info.

  6. here is my experience with clear blue debt solutions.

    I had signed up as I was looking for help after being denied a loan for debt consolidation by my bank. I called and spoke with a lady named Jolene who said she was a debt consultation specialist. gave the information and she said she had to run it past her supervisor to see if I was pre approved for their program. 3 hours later I got a call saying i was approved. She said they were a canada based company out of hamilton but yet was telling me there was a 3 hours time differece as she was on the east coast.

    After this i google mapped the hamilton address and zoomed in to find a building that really looked like a prison more than anything lol but figured oh well maybe i typed it in wrong.

    After this she would set up times to call me saying she didnt start until 11am her time ( which she explained was 2pm my time )  so she would call me at 11 or 12pm my time when she wouldnt have been in the office.

    I started noticing that all paperwork she was sending me was showing florida adresses rather than the hamilton one which she said was the office for this canada based company. I challeneged them on being credible and she told me they have letters from companies they have dealt with proving that they are legitimate and they are posted on their site. I asked well if I call my creditors and ask about you will they confirm you are an actual company they deal with. They said my creditors would tell me they had never heard of them as they just want me to pay them the money rather than settle.

    when i called back to close my contract i would get either jolene or anyother lady whos name i never got ( they always seemed to be the only 2 that I ever reached out of al the times i called ) I was hung up on once and after getting ahold of jolene she said i just had to write a letter stating that i no longer wish to deal with them. 

    all and all i just didnt get a great feeling so i closed my contract with them before any payments were taken

  7. One thing to point out….

    The tipster said…”I then called American Express, and they told me what I already
    knew. They do not deal with any for-profit debt management company. The
    Synergy Debt Group employee’s claim was complete non-sense.”

    Who is the tipster?  It sounds like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Of course when you call Amex or any other credit card company they’re gonna say that.  There are quite a few for profit debt management companies out there that Amex and every other cc works with.  It doesn’t matter if the Debt Management company is for profit or non-profit.  Those of us that have been in the industry for a while know that owners of non-profits make as much $$ as owners of for profits. 

      • Does being licensed or not have anything to do with a company working with a creditor or not? Anyone know what government body they are licensed other?

        • Each Canadian province has a consumer protection body that licenses debt poolers and debt collectors. In most Canadian provinces a debt settlement company only has to be licensed if it wants to maintain a trust account. This is why no debt settlement companies in Canada that I’m aware of use a trust account. By getting clients to save up their own money, the company doesn’t need a trust account and can avoid the regulations and accountability that accompany the license. For most creditors, it would appear that being licensed isn’t their first concern. However, in Canada, all reputable agencies are licensed to demonstrate that they are accountable and trustworthy.

    • Todd, you are obviously ignorant about the debt settlement and credit counselling landscape in Canada. In Canada there are no “owners” of non-profits. Any extra money that non-profits earn is plowed back into the community in education and additional services. The only exception to this appears to be one large American based non-profit that entered Canada a few years ago. In the Canadian debt settlement and credit counselling industry it is common knowledge that many credit card companies will not deal with for-profit debt relief entities. These creditors include American Express, MBNA, and others. Todd, why are you defending these debt settlement companies? It is clear that they are taking advantage of people who can’t afford to be taken advantage of, and they are doing this through lies and deceit. How can you support a scam like this that steals from people?


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