LHDR – Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Says Creditors Can’t Touch Our Disability Checks. – Jean

“Dear Steve,

We had a credit card debt of $30,000. I signed up with LHDR and they are suppose to help me by negotiating with our CC companies. We have paid off 1 CC since signing on with them. We have gotten several letters that we would be sued. The attorney said we didn’t have anything to worry about because they can’t touch our disability checks. My husband and I both are disabled and have no other income.

Can the credit card companies put a lien on our house and property? They said they were going to when we got a certified letter from one of the credit card companies. I am hoping the same will apply to putting a lien on our property as it is for garnishing our check.

Thank you,


Dear Jean,

If you have no assets and live solely on disability checks, why ion the world would Legal Helpers Debt Resolution sign you up as a client in the first place?

If the attorney says they can’t touch you then what are you paying them fees for?

If you have equity in your home or property the creditors could go after it.

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4 thoughts on “LHDR – Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Says Creditors Can’t Touch Our Disability Checks. – Jean”

  1. The only reason I can see that you would want to do debt settlement when you have untouchable income is because you don’t want to file bankruptcy.  Otherwise, there’s no real reason.  If you want credit in the future, you’ll recover more quickly with a bankruptcy than you will with defaulting on your credit cards and settling them for less than owed, unless the creditors agree to remove negative info as a condition of the settlement.  If they won’t clear negative info, I think you’re wasting your time and money.

    Best Regards,

    • btw, I’m a bankruptcy attorney in Nevada and I also handle debt settlement/resolution for clients who don’t want to do bankruptcy for whatever reasons.

  2. Dear Steve,
    I guess that just goes to show you what kind of company LHDR is by signing us up with them knowing we are both living on Social Security Disability solely.  I talked with the rep that initially signed us up and told him that we should have just filed bankruptsy and got it over with, I thought that would have been cheaper in the long run and our credit was already destroyed.  He said no, no, bankruptsy was not what I needed.  Everytime I would talk with my rep in California, he would give me a pep talk and make me feel better and then time would go on.  The best thing that came out of this is that our CC companies no longer call us 50 times a day.  Actually they don’t call at all. The CC company that said they were going to put a lien on our property is a credit card that I have in my own name and my name is not even on my residence since the property was given to my husband by his dad which is deceased.  We talked about putting my name on the deed but haven’t done so yet. 

    We paid 2 monthly payments to LHDR in July so that we would have them paid off quicker.  We only lack 1 payment to LHDR and we will have all their fees paid.  What happens next?  Will they just say they can’t do anything anymore?  I am fearfully waiting as we poor people have paid them a lot of money that we could have used to upgrade our house.  The house that the CC company said they are going to put a lien on.  We already have a mortgage on the property.  Citibank is the CC company that is proposed to put a lien on our property.  Can they do that even if my name is not on the deed?  I hope and pray that we won’t lose our home as it is the family homestead built by my husband and his dad back in 1968. 

    We still have 5 outstanding credit card debts.  I feel like I could have negotiated as well as they are doing.  But, they told me not to talk to them when they called and not to try to negotiate.  It is ringing a bell with me now.  I wish I had found you a year or so ago.  Maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess.  Is there anything we can do now or should we just chalk it up as a lesson learned?  Please advise.

    Thank you,


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