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I Have Bad Credit, NSF Fees, and Just Signed Up With CareOne. – Michelle

“Dear Steve,

My credit score is 587; due to a collections on my credit report that I forgot about; I called them and they would not take a “settlement” and want all the $$$; of course I am working about paying them off..I messed up my banking account a couple of months ago by $300.00 and had lots of NSF fees of about $360.00..hopefully, doing O.K. now with bank account~just trying to recover from the bills that I had to get behind on (as much as 1.5 months on some); trying to get caught up.

I enrolled with Care One credit debt relief program and the 1st payment to creditors will be on the 8/6/11~was this a wise decision??? I was so behind and the fees where adding up and I felt like I was treading water…of course, all these $$$ troubles are starting to cause conflict in my marriage also (which we do not need)…any advice would help..also, I still have to pay my land taxes still ($500.00)…I have been working overtime to help with all of thi s!!!!! I am just so frustrated!!!!

Thanks so much,


Dear Michelle,

I’m not sure if CareOne was or was not the right decision for you. The most important two questions to consider about theta decision is if the CareOne payment gives you some breathing room in your budget and if the program will meet the goals you want to achieve to get out of debt.

I’m unclear if you were just looking for a debt repayment plan with lower interest rates or you are struggling making ends meet and saving money at the same time. If you could give me some more information about your situation in the comments section, that would help.

I’m wondering if in your search for a solution you talk to a local bankruptcy attorney? Did you?

We can deal with the low credit score once I’m confident you are headed in the right direction and in the right solution.

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Since we are dealing with a lot of background issues it might be beneficial for you to read

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