Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition – Let’s Take a Good Hard Look

Tami came into the site and posted a comment about a new company that appears to be selling mortgage assistance in California. Here is what she said:

“Is this organization legitimate- Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC)?

Recently, I was solicited by a legal case evaluator for this not-for-profit organization, Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC) to help me avoid foreclosure. (www.consumerprotectionhelp.org)

The legal case evaluator contacted me, did a basic over the telephone interview and emailed me a questionairre to determine whether I could file a lawsuit against my lender. According to him, my [l]ender, BOA, had violated most of the legal requirements and that I was eligible to be referred to meet with the lead attorney, Dr. G. Lee Lane. Included was a glowing C.V. of Mr. Lane’s legal accomplishments. The web site has changed in the past few days. Previously, they touted themselves as a firm organized as a “A Registered Non Profit Law Clinic Helping Families with Children and the Elderly facing homelessness caused by Lenders.”

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition – Let’s Take a Look

I think Tami’s radar was going off for all the right reasons. I took a look at the information she provided.

The phrase Tammi provided led me to another site for Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition.

Created On:21-Oct-2010 01:01:06 UTC
Expiration Date:21-Oct-2011 01:01:06 UTC
Steven Koelsche
2635 Santa Ana Ave. #B201
Costa Mesa, California 92627

Alexander Koelsche
2635 Santa Ana Ave Apt B201
Costa Mesa, California 92627

However the domain name given to Tami led her to this site.

Created On:25-Jul-2009 16:22:23 UTC
Expiration Date:25-Jul-2012 16:22:23 UTC
Pepi Abad
19321 Fairhaven ext
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Fhofa.com is owned by:
First Housing of America
1516 brookhollow dr # a

But Pepi Abad was citied by the California Department of Real Estate in 2008 for his actions as First Housing of America.

In the public record it says that Pepi Abad also was know as Arthur Pepi Abad and Pepi Arturo Abad. In July 2005, the Department of Motor Vehicles revoked Pepi Abad’s vehicle salesperson license. The revocation “stemmed from his misconduct as a managerial employee of a vehicle sales dealership during the time persons under his direction and control committed wrongful acts which resulted in the suspension of the dealers license.” – Source

From November 2007 to September 2008, Abad and his company held themselves out as real estate brokers and collected advanced fees from consumers for loan modification services. Abad had, as of the date of the action, never been registered or licensed by the Department of Real Estate. Even the broker, Toro, that represented Abad’s company lost his license.

Pepi Abad was also charged for illegal mortgage activities by the State of Washington, New Hampshire, Illinois, and Connecticut. – Source

You’ll see this name First Housing of America on the sign for Consumer Protection Legal Services, mentioned further down in the article.

Pepi Abad owns a number of other domains that promote loan modification or mass joinder suits.

In fact the domain above is sitting on the same server as the domains below owned by Abad.

  • 1800shortsale.com – Source

    This site links to the following domains. I did a spot check of some of these domains and all the ones I checked were owned by Pepe Abad.

    • 1800bankfraud.com (C.P.A.C Non-Profit Owner Help) – Source
    • 1800ezmod.com (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition, Non Profit Law Clinic) – Source
    • 1800ezmod.org (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition) – Source
    • 1800lenderfraud.com (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition) – Source
    • 1800lenderfraud.org (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition) – Source
    • 1800mortgagelaw.com (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition) – Source
    • 1800reosales.com (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition) – Source
    • 1800shortsale.com (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition) – Source
    • 1800sipuede.com (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition) – Source
    • 1800sueyourlender.org (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition) – Source
    • 800nonprofit.com (Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition, A Non Profit Law Clinic) – Source
    • 800nonprofit.org (Mr. Pepe Abad, Director, Of Counsel Attorneys, pabad@cpacaid.org (800) 991-7634) – Source
    • banklitigation.org – Source
    • cpacnonprofitlaw.org – Source
    • fraudebancario.org – Source
    • freehomeloanmod.org – Source
    • illegalloan.com – Source
    • irsbailoutnow.com – Source
    • lenderclassaction.org – Source
    • lenderlawsuit.org (“Our objective is to refer your information and facts to for profit firms that specialize in assisting homeowners with a loan modification.”) – Source
    • lenderlitigation.org – Source
    • loandocfraud.com – Source
    • lowermyloanbalance.com – Source
    • nacaloanmod.com – Source
    • nacaloanmod.org (National Association of Consumer Advocates – National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) A Coalition of Legal Professionals, Mortgage Banking and Loss Mitigation Experts helping Homeowners)- Source
    • nonprofitdebtsettlement.org – Source
    • nonprofithomeloans.com – Source
    • nonprofithomeloans.org – Source
    • nonprofitlegalservices.org – Source
    • nonprofitloanmod.com – Source
    • nonprofitmassjoinder.org – Source
    • nonprofitmortgagelitigation.com – Source
    • nonprofitmortgagelitigation.org – Source
    • not4profitloanmodifications.org – Source
    • sbamitigation.com – Source
  • 1800sipuede.com
  • 1800sueyourlender.com
  • 1800sueyourlender.org
  • 800nonprofit.com
  • 800nonprofit.org
  • banklitigation.org
    pabad@4cpls.com (more about this in a bit)

  • bankloanfraud.org
  • barbaralubin.com
  • commercialbailoutnow.com
  • consumerprotectionhelp.org
  • consumerprotectionlegalservices.com
    Pirus, Inc.
    Bob Syverson
    PO Box 181407
    Coronado, CA 92178

    But further research into this company and address led me to Pirus Call Center USA, Inc. Pepi Abad is the president of this company and it is located at PO Box 181407, Coronado, CA 92178

    According to State of California Records there is no company called Pirus, Inc. There is however Pirus Call Center USA, Inc. which has a suspended corporate registration.

    Entity Number: C3168275
    Date Filed: 11/13/2008
    Status: SUSPENDED
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 1700 MONTEREY AVE
    Entity City, State, Zip: CORONADO CA 92118
    Agent for Service of Process: ROBERT SYVERSON
    Agent Address: 1700 MONTEREY AVE
    Agent City, State, Zip: CORONADO CA 92118


    The Pirus Company, Inc.

    Entity Name: THE PIRUS COMPANY, INC.
    Entity Number: C3159070
    Date Filed: 08/26/2008
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 1700 MONTEREY AVENUE
    Entity City, State, Zip: CORONADO CA 92178
    Agent for Service of Process: ROBERT SYVERSON
    Agent Address: 1700 MONTEREY AVENUE
    Agent City, State, Zip: CORONADO CA 92118

    Syverson lists himself as the CFO at Pirus Company. – Source

  • cpacmassjoinder.org
  • cpacnonprofitlaw.org
  • fraudebancario.com
  • fraudebancario.org
  • freelegalloanmod.com
  • 4cpls.com is on the same server and owned by:
    Pirus, Inc.
    Bob Syverson
    PO Box 181407
    Coronado, CA 92178

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition Affiliate Agreement

The site 800nonprofit.org had a link to the affiliate agreement for CPAC.

The typos are theirs but it says:

National Headquarters: 24 Spyrock, Irvine, CA 92602
Mailing Address: 3943 Irvine Boulevard, # 614, Irvine, CA 92602

Attorney At Will Employment Agreement

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition, Inc., (DE) (“CPAC”) is hereby offering you employment with our office on an ‘Of Counsel’ basis. The details of the relationship shall be as described on the attached Exhibit A.

All Attorneys with CPAC are hired on an at will basis. This means that both parties are free to terminate the relationship at any time with or without cause.

As a Lawl clinic, we constantly deal with confidential information. For this reason, all people employed by CPAC must agree that they will maintain confidential all confidential information that they have received during the course of their employment with CPAC.

Employees are required to maintain only the very highest level of ethical standards, honesty, integrity, fair dealing, and avoid any illegal activities, both while at and outside of the work place.

Employees of this law office must agree to obey all laws and regulations of any and all relevant government bodies and maintain in good standing their licensure with their respective state bars. Any payments by CPAC employees to individuals or entities not employed by CPAC, for referring clients or business to CPAC, except to other licensed attorneys allowed within state bar rules, are strictly prohibited, with a zero tolerance rule. Capping (paying for referrals) is in violation of the law and will never be tolerated by this law office. Nor will fee splitting with non attorneys. Attorneys are responsible for and required to maintain their own Attorney Malpractice Insurance where as CPAC may assist with if needed.

Employees are required to inform management of any actions by other employees who violate these rules.

If you are interested in joining our law office, kindly sign below, stating your agreement to these terms of employment and welcome to Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition, Inc., (DE)!

Agreed to by: _________________________________ ________ Signature & Printed Name Date


Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition, Inc., (DE) (CPAC) is entering into an Of Counsel relationship with you, ______________ (“Attorney”, or “You”).

You agree to hold yourself open to assist CPAC with legal matters, as needed by CPAC, from time to time, as the need arises by CPAC.

You and CPAC understand and agree that these needs may vary from time to time, and you agree that you will remain flexible in meeting these varying needs of CPAC.

You may continue to maintain your own independent law office, and may perform some of the legal work obtained by you from CPAC at your own office.

You will be signing some documents for litigated matters, operating out of your own office. The initial review of all such documents shall be done by you. The Principal of CPAC, G. Lee Lane, Attorney at Law, will subsequently review said documents.

During the performance of any such work, or other work to be determined by CPAC, you shall be operating as an Of Counsel Attorney to our law firm. It will be your responsibility to obtain approval for the Delaware law corporation, Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition, Inc., (DE), to operate in your state of practice, both by registering that name with the Secretary of State or other relevant governmental office in your state, and also with any other entity in your state with whom such registration is mandatory. Of Course CPAC may assist there as well if needed.

You shall maintain malpractice insurance at a reasonable level, listing both yourself and CPAC and its members, as named insured’s. Verification of all of your responsibilities being performed shall be necessary.

CPAC shall not be responsible in any way for your actions taken on behalf of your own private clients and CPAC clients handled personally by you, through your offices. You agree to indemnify CPAC and its members fully for any actions taken against CPAC by anyone, brought due to actions or inactions on your part, either not part of your employment by CPAC or through wrongful actions or inactions on your part during the course of your employment by CPAC.

_____________________ ________ ____________________ _______
Signature & Printed Name Date Signature (G. LEE LANE) Date

Source (800nonprofit.org/docs/Of%20Counsel%20employment%20CPAC%20Atty%206-4-10%20(3).pdf)

G. Lee Lane

According to bankloanfraud.com (bankloanfraud.com/f/userfiles/file/G_Lee_Lane_Resume.pdf) G. Lee Lan publishes a detailed resume with highlights. – Source. BankLoanFraud.com is owned by Pepi Abad.

G. Lee Lane is actually registered under a slightly different name with the California Bar, Gary Lane.

Here’s what’s odd. Lane says he’s firm is Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition, lists his email as glanea@cpacaid.org and says his website is 4cpls.com which is actually Consumer Protection legal Services, a completely different company name.

Cpacaid.org is owned by Steven Koelsche, a non-attorney, and 4cpls.com is owned by Bob Syverson at Pirus, Inc, another non-attorney, and the primary website for Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (consumerprotectionhelp.org) is owned by yet another non-attory, Pepi Abad.

Gary Lane claims to have been:

California Pacific School of Law, Bakersfield, CA, DeanofLawSchool. 1997-2000
• Supervise 40 attorneys. Organize statewide Moot Court Competitions. Teach Health Care Law.

The small school is reported to have closed in 2002. – Source

Yet Lane also claims that he was the Dean at California Pacific School of Law from 2000-2003. – Source. Big difference.

Corporate Records

The State of California actually shows two registrations for companies using the name Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition.

Entity Number: C3353183
Date Filed: 02/24/2011
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: DELAWARE
Entity Address: 24 SPYROCK
Entity City, State, Zip: IRVINE CA 92602
Agent for Service of Process: G LEE LANE
Agent Address: 24 SPYROCK
Agent City, State, Zip: IRVINE CA 92602


Entity Number: C3114382
Date Filed: 09/30/2009
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 2911 SOUTH BIRSTOL ST
Entity City, State, Zip: SANTA ANA CA 92704
Agent for Service of Process: ELIZABETH BARBANTI
Agent Address: 563 S FASHION DR STE A
Agent City, State, Zip: ORANGE CA 92866

The 2911 South Bristol Street address will make a bigger appearance in a moment as you continue to read.

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (DE) was filed in Delaware on February 9, 2011.

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition Address

It’s hard to nail down exactly where Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition is located. They claim:

  • 24 SPYROCK, IRVINE CA 92602

  • ConsumerProtectionHelp.org says they are located at:
    563 South Fashion Park Dr.
    Suite #A
    Orange, CA 92866 – Source

Consumer Protection Legal Services

4cpls.com, the website Gary Lane says is his website, says it is located at:
2911 South Bristol
Suite B
Santa Ana, CA 92704 – Source

But as I showed previously, even the website claimed by Lan to be his is not even owned by him.

Lane’s website 4cpls.com for Consumer Protection Legal Services has an F rating with the BBB. – Source

Street View

Click image for larger view.

Click image for larger view.

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition in the News

Here are some press releases that CPAC paid to distribute.

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC) Non Profit Law Clinic Helps Homeowner Achieve Principal Reduction with Foreclosure Lender Law Suit Settlement

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC) Federally Registered Non Profit Law Clinic Staff Members Help a Struggling Family Achieve $250,000 Permanent Principal Reduction on a Faulty Mortgage Loan that was in Foreclosure Identified by Free Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 11, 2010

According to CPAC’s court filings, Mr. Wang of California had received a Notice of Trustee Sale on his family’s home well after he was purposely misled by his lender about an ever elusive loan modification that never materialized. Although, according to court filings, they accepted 10 months of temporary trail modification payments that apparently were never applied to his mortgage balance. All the while he was being reassured the loan modification looked good, Mr. Wang stated that his plea for help was eventually rejected. Mr. Wang states he never requested a lower loan amount. He only wanted a stable and sensible interest rate so he could not understand why his lender rejected him. According to Mr. Wang his Lender then suggested he short sell his home, he painfully agreed to do so to avoid foreclosure but according to Mr. Wang’s licensed Real Estate Broker, his lender rejected offers presented to them, so the foreclosure seemed unavoidable. Sounds like a very common story so far?

According to Mr. Wang he is now only responsible for a loan balance that is $250,000 less on the same home. The 30-year fixed rate now allows the stability he originally was seeking and a payment that is less than half including tax and insurance. His prior loan had a crazy variable payment with tax and insurance paid separately that was more than double! What happened you ask? Mr. Wang’s Church referred him to one of the staff members at Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC) the Non Profit Law Clinic.

Mr. Charles Ton, one of the three Directors for CPAC and a Licensed Litigation Attorney was available to comment “Fortunately Mr. Wang was willing to take a more aggressive offensive approach and decided to file a Civil Law Suit against his foreclosing lender and the true Note holder who we later found had no idea Mr. Wang wanted to keep the home let alone able to afford the home with a minor modification. We quickly identified what appeared to us as over 40 State and Federal violations in his loan relationship and immediately filed a law suit on his behalf (Filed 11/12/09 – SUPERIOR COURT OF SANTA CLARA CASE # 109CV1572) CPAC legal staff discovered what appeared to have not only loan origination but various alleged predatory lending violations as well. Based on the complaint filed with the court, the servicing of the loan was now also in question because of what appeared to be predatory in nature”. Charles Ton adds “The icing on the cake was that through our discovery and investigation we learned that the original Notes whereabouts may not be so easily identified due to multiple beneficiary transfers, one being the infamous MERS making the ownership of the Note potentially very difficult to prove, in my book no ownership, no standing, no legal standing, no foreclosure”.

Mr. Ton adds “Most people may think you need a long expensive jury trial to get these type of results, at least that’s what a typical attorney will have you believe. The truth of the matter is these types of illegalities; misrepresentation and fraudulent business practices are quite commonly found and guess who’s known this for decades? You guessed it, the lenders and their attorneys. What sets us apart from all other law firms is we are a true Non Profit Organization registered with the federal government. Although we don’t get any government funding yet and we would love to help more Americans in need, we still do what we can and what we do, no one else does like we do it”.

According to post litigation records, CPAC arranged a settlement that allowed Mr. Wang, his wife, children and grandfather to not only move back in to their home, but now the balance owed on the same home is $250,000 less than before. Charles Ton states “We’ve accomplished various settlements with similar results. The funny thing is that in the Wang case, Mr. Wang originally didn’t ask for any principal reduction at all, he only asked his lender for a simple stable rate adjustment. People don’t realize that majority of homes getting foreclosed on today are very questionable and may not even be legal as has been very recently made public by the 50 atate attorney generals investigation. We want people to understand that this is our mission, educating the public that the United States court system can and will protect the consumer; the consumer just needs to know who, how and when”.

Charles Ton continues to state “With the small amount of resources we have and the cooperation of the consumer we turn the tables on the lender. We pre-qualify the homeowner for one of several permanent principal reduction programs for free while we perform a free Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis and educate and inform Americans of their God given consumer civil rights”.

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition (CPAC), a federally registered Non Profit Law Clinic with locations in Arizona, California and Washington DC can help struggling homeowners in 48 States thru reputable and experienced Licensed Attorneys in every State. CPAC offers many completely free services and products to those who may benefit from them as well as very aggressive and effective legal representation when needed. Mr. Ton adds “Tell your neighbor, co-worker, friends and family that its never too late, we’ve helped people even after they’ve been foreclosed on and achieved complete trustee sale reversals, even if your current on your loan and just want out, we don’t work with your lender, we work against them using a venue that allows the average American to beat the Wall Street tycoon.” Charles Ton makes his final comment “Once the American consumer decides that he has had enough of being abused by their lender they have power. The power of the court system, this kind of power can result in our court system determining that the lender was in fact in the wrong and the American consumer will have his day in court. Maybe even get a the entire loan eliminated! Quiet Title suits until now were thought to be a myth, not now, not here in California like the recent Nguyen vs. Chase Bank (Case cv09-4589-AHM filed in U.S District Court) similar to Mr. Wang, he decided to use the court system and now he not only gets to keep his home, but even better than Mr. Wang’s result, according to the Judges ruling the loan was completely eliminated! This is how powerful and how fair our court system can be when people make the decision to use it when they’ve had enough”. CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic. (866)773-7864 or visit us on our web site at http://www.CPACaid.org. – Source

It is a bit confusing. In the article above they claim to be a federally registered non-profit but the IRS has no registered charities by the name of Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition.

They even make the claim again, “federally registered non-profit organization called Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition,” but again, the IRS has no listing using their online tool. – Source

The State of California lists CPAC’s registration status as “Not Registered.”

Defective Product Liability Lawsuit Filed Against the Mortgage Industry as a Group. Mortgage Product Recall?

Mass Product Defect Liability Lawsuit Charging Mortgage Industry as a Group Filed by CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic in LUIS FRANCISCO, ET AL, V. CITIGROUP, INC. ET AL,

Santa Ana, CA (PRWEB) March 14, 2011

According to the just filed California Superior Court Case # 30-2011-00455676-CU-OR-CJC, titled “LOUIS FRANCISCO, et al. v. CITIGROUP, INC., et al”, CPAC, Non Profit Law Clinic focused on helping struggling families with small children and the elderly facing Homelessness due to bank fraud and lender abuse, is charging the mortgage industry has been operating in a manner designed to defraud homeowners.

According to CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic’s President, G. Lee. Lane who is a 39-year multi-state licensed attorney who served as dean and professor of several law universities for 18 years and has authored numerous books, some of which have been cited by U.S Congress, “CPAC is doing what our government has not. CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic is fighting against a display of alleged bank fraud and lender abuse that is detailed in our California Superior Court documents just filed.”
Details on similar violations, misrepresentations, errors, mistakes or fraud that may exist in your home loan can also be easily identified and documented for you by accessing their consumer friendly site http://www.CPACnonprofit.org

Even Hollywood’s recent Academy Awards recognized the problem in the recently acclaimed film “Inside Job”. In his Academy Award speech Charles Ferguson’s comment, when he accepted the award, “Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by massive fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that’s wrong.” Perhaps you should ask yourself if it were the average Joe, John Q Public, you or I , would we NOT be behind bars?

Under California’s recent law SB 94, attorney and dean G. Lee Lane opinions that the government prohibits private sector professionals, including the honest and effective ones from attempting to help the American consumer. “SB 94 is an absolute prohibition of such prepaid work,” stated Dean Lane.

CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic currently represents over 240 individual civil lawsuits against banks. CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic fights mortgage bankers who can afford to hire the most expensive attorneys.

According to attorney Lane CPAC’s position is that this new California Superior Court lawsuit, Francisco, et al, v. Citigroup, et al, is a special kind of lawsuit. This type of lawsuit has not happened against the banking industry before, because it allows those who until now could not afford to use the American court system, to file a lawsuit against their lender to put an end to the banking problems in the mortgage spiral.

Lane continues “What CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic has done is what we would expect our government to have already done; file a ‘Defective Product Liability Lawsuit’ against the mortgage industry on behalf of the American people”. He went on to state that not since working 30 years ago on the asbestos and lung disease epidemic, has the strategy dean Lane crafted been used in America.

Author and dean Lane states, “Finally, someone has put a neon yellow florescent sign on the 1000 lb gorilla in the room. Finally there is an opportunity for the average American to stand up against the JP Morgan Chases, GMAC’s and all the others.”

CPAC’s president and staff attorneys crafted this suit so that it allows additional homeowners to be joined with previous plaintiffs to enter into this lawsuit economically. The suit makes it clear that banks are foreclosing on American families with small children while allegedly falsely misleading them into believing they were on track to get a simple loan modification. Instead, after many thousands of dollars being paid to the lenders, rather than a loan modification agreement they get a notice of sale on their homes forcing families, even mothers with small children to be evicted from their home, facing homelessness, states the just filed lawsuit.

Lori Krasch and her four-year-old son are just one example of such a family. In a separate individual case, Case # GC044987 filed in the Superior Court of California by Charles Ton Esq, just one of the CPAC staff attorneys representing the consumers against their mortgage companies states “This young woman was told by her bank that she was getting a loan modification. According to court documents she states that she did everything her lender requested, for almost a year. Then her lender told her that her loan modification was not approved and her house was instead going to auction.”

According to CPAC’s just filed mortgage product defect liability lawsuit this is a typical story for millions of Americans. Court documents on Lori Krasch et al vs. Wells Fargo US Bank et al reflect that what makes Lori’s story so different is she went beyond what most Americans today are doing. Her story is she wrote a letter to California’s Governor Brown, but was not responded too.

Then, according to court documents, Lori contacted the FDIC & the U.S. Department of Treasury, getting the same lack of response. Lori then, according to court documents, contacted the Attorney for her Bank Trustee, who actually foreclosed on her, with the details that her signature allegedly was forged and the lenders allegedly backdated court documents, providing hard evidence and proof to the lender’s attorney that the same signatures on her very questionable documents bared the same name and signatures in what has been previously referred to as a ‘robo-signer’ in the recent 50 state Attorneys General investigation. All she received was a letter telling her “The contractual terms of the trust documents limit our role”, or in a clearer translation “Too bad!” In Lori’s opining; no one was willing to assist her and her small family that then sought refuge in a seedy run down motel.

CPAC feels the recent state Attorneys General investigation against bank fraud and lender abuse very quickly and quietly ended up as a quiet whisper including the forgery and robo-signing discovery. Well CPAC cares; CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic cares enough to continue to fight for trustee sale reversals. The reversal or rescission of the foreclosure trustee sale is one of the more aggressive legal services CPAC offers.

CPAC is currently looking for any homeowner, with a small child or not, elderly family member living with you or not. Any homeowner that thinks they were lied to, misled, defrauded or abused by any mortgage company.

Attorney Charles Ton states, “The more people who actually stand up, the more the people can make a difference”. If you know someone who may benefit from CPAC’s help, do not let the abuse continue. If you would like to have your situation reviewed to be included in the mortgage industry product defect lawsuit against your lender, CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic will perform a Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis free while you get Pre-qualified for one of several permanent principal reduction programs that are available. Go to the “enroll here” page at http://www.CPACaid.org. More on CPAC’s fight with the mortgage lenders to be released on CPAC’s web site. – Source

So Who Are The Alleged Attorneys With Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition?

Even their own website is silent on who the attorneys allegedly with Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition are.

It wasn’t till I got my hands on the lawsuit they filed that I found a list of associated attorneys. – Source

  • Gary Lane SBN 50960
  • Charles Ton SBN 219487
  • Auriol Steel SBN 263202
  • Nandita Swamy SBN 261154
  • Phuong Pham SBN 272331

What is very interesting is that besides Lane who says his firm is Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition, none of the other attorneys do.

My Reccomendation for Tami

Tami, I’d feel more comfortable if you sought the opinion of a licensed real estate attorney in your state before you signed to do anything with Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition.

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

There are enough concerns here from my research that I think you should proceed with extreme caution.

I am most concerned that the websites of the alleged law firm are not even owned by the firm, the owner of many of the sites has a serial spotted past with regulators, and many of the sites appear to be pushing modification or mass joinder services to sue your lender.

I can only say that if it was me in your position I would avoid this firm.

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