Bank of Oklahoma Now Named in Global Client Solution Class Action Case

Global Client Solutions is facing yet another class action suit. What makes this one different is that it includes the bank they ran to, Bank of Oklahoma, after they ran from Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust. Apparently Global Client Solutions is like the enchanted wand you don’t want to touch or you’ll be sucked into a lawsuit.

This case is Milhisler v. Global Client Solutions, GHS Solutions, Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust, and Bank of Oklahoma is a class action case.

The complaint, moved to Federal Court on September 6, 2011, alleges:

Global Clients Solutions (“GCS”) was in partnership with Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust (“RMBT”) and Bank of Oklahoma (“BOK”) to manage and maintain debt settlement accounts as part of debt settlement programs offered by hundreds of companies, including GHS.

GHS sold debt settlement services to Oklahoma residents that are said to be illegal, usury in nature, and violate the Oklahoma debt pooling statutes.

The suit makes the same connection that other GCS suits have made, that GCS should have known that the contracts they were aiding to be rendered were illegal in the states the debt settlement companies they were assisting were selling in.

In violation of the Oklahoma debt pooling statutes, the consumers were charged fees prior to any services being rendered. And GCS participated in this alleged illegal enterprise by being the conduit by which these illegal fees were transferred out of Oklahoma.

The case makes mention of the FDIC warning letter against Rocky Mountain bank & Trust that was previously covered in Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust / Global Client Solutions – FDIC SHOCKER!.

The complaint also mentions the quiet movement of client funds on or about August 9, 2009 from RMBT to the new GCS partner bank, BOK.

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In part, this case seems very similar to the case argued in front of the State of Washington Supreme Court in which Global Client Solutions was found to be a debt adjuster under their statute. See Washington Nails Global Client Solutions as a Debt Adjuster. Game Changer.

The defendants in this case are charged with violating the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act, engaging in illegal debt pooling, violation of the Oklahoma Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and engaged in unjust enrichment.

This case was filed by:

Curtis Bruehl, Esq.
The Bruehl Law Firm
14005 N. Eastern Ave.
Edmond, OK 73013


Notice of Removal

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Oklahoma Complaint

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Reservation of Time

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Oklahoma Court Information

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Declaration of Brent Hampton

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