Progressive Debt Relief Says They Can Help Me With Payday Loans. – Jean

“Dear Steve,

I have taken out too many payday loans. Consumer Credit Services is not able to help me and their advice is bankruptcy. I really do not want to go this route. I contacted a company called “Progressive Debt Relief” who claims they can help me with consolidation of these loans.

Is this a legitimate company or is there any other way to get out of this situation.


Dear Jean,

From looking at the Progressive Debt Relief website I can see they are a debt relief company and not a lender. It sounds like the consolidation they are speaking about is most likely a solution like a debt management plan that allows you to make one monthly payment to them and they in turn divide it up among your creditors. It’s not clear if this plan is delivered by them or they would refer you to a nonprofit credit counselor who would service your account. I have published previous evidence that the company was sending consumers to CBDC in Florida for debt management assistance. See this story.

The primary reason Consumer Credit Counseling Services probably suggested bankruptcy is because payday lenders typically don’t cooperate with credit counseling programs. In that case, if a satisfactory repayment arrangement can’t be made, then bankruptcy would be a solution to investigate.

Before you leap at a solution or avoid a solution based on an emotional reaction, you should read How to Get Out of Debt. The Honest and Unvarnished Truth.

While you may emotionally want to avoid bankruptcy, it does not mean it isn’t the right solution for you if you can’t afford payments of at least 2.5% of the balance of the payday loans.

The fact you have multiple payday loans suggests to me that you’ve had a hard time making ends meet and if that’s the case it is unreasonable to expect you’d be able to make any debt repayments that could be agreed to, even if the payday lenders wanted to, and make ends meet moving forward.

See also  Progressive Debt Relief - Consumer Complaint - March 1, 2016

Probably the most prudent approach would be for you to call your payday lenders and ask them if they regularly work with Progressive Debt Relief and what terms they normally give them.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  2. Dear steve I have many payday loans I have gone with a company called PayDayLoan Debt solutions and they are in Miami FL they have my money going into a trust with Note world and everytime I call them the same people are there and talk me through the process, they say it is important to get a receipt the debt has been paid and I will always know who has settled, now ameriloan and oneclick cash will not use them but they say they have settled with these compainies and they would have told me if they couldn’t settle with these companies, I am leary about the whole thing but I think its all good. the creditors are still calling me but i have been told to refere them to PDLS as my power of attorney, I live in Massachusetts and need to find out the laws.


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