I’m British With UAE Debt But Living in China. – Aaron

“Dear Steve,

I am a UK national and recently left the UAE after working for 18 months, due to Emitarisation, which made my position incredibly unstable and other personal matters, leaving me with the prospect of imprisonment for none payment of debt.

I left the country with debt in the Region of AED 600k, to various banks. The “crackdown” on provision of credit within the UAE was seriously flawed, as my application forms were completed by the Sales Representative who subsequently coached me through what to state, based on what they had entered onto my Application Form. All the Sales Representatives were Indian or Pakistani nationals, clearly working on commission and took the opportunity to pass around all your details to their Cousins / Brothers working in the other Banks.

My debt is completely with UAE Local Banks and not international banks.

I now have the opportunity to take a job in China, however note that China has an extradition agreement with the UAE.

Is it possible for UAE Banks to chase debt in China on a legal basis and if so, could I, as a British National, be extradited back to the UAE?

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Dear Aaron,

I’ve never heard of anyone getting extradited or held in other than one of the GCC countries.

I’m not sure that’s a definitive enough statement for you but I’ve just run into this situation before.

If you want something more definitive then you’ll have to ask a legal representative experienced in both China and the UK. I did locate one for you by doing a search. See Nadine Wong & Co. Solicitors. I don’t know anything about them except that I found them on Google.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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2 thoughts on “I’m British With UAE Debt But Living in China. – Aaron”

  1. I left Dubai 1 year back,I have Dhs.60000 Barclys Bank Loan and some Credit cards,whic i didn’t pay.I had escaped from dubai with out Visa cancelation due to some personnel isses.
    Now I’m in India but  collection Copanies calling for Overdue Loan Amount.
    my Question:1.How they can take action against me from india,since my Loan from UAE?
    2. can they register a Case in india against me?

  2. Dear Steve,

    I left Dubai in January this year, with unsecured debts of around 700kdhs and a mortgage of 2mdhs. Have been back in UK ever since.
    I’m being contacted by separate Collection Companies in the UK about these.
    No point going into the reasons for the above so I’ve stuck to the facts, my questions are;
    1) Can the debts be enforced in the UK by a UK collection Company? Either directly having bought the debt or indirectly acting on behalf of creditor?
    2) Is there any difference between secured and unsecured in terms of collection and potential action?
    3) What’s the best advice?




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